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From the same people that brought you Yoga. Put your hands (and legs) together for the next hype: The Pee-asan! Joanna:Hey hey Britney, where have you been darling? By the way, did you guys see that therapist I told you about?

Britney:Hey love, no. John is actually trying this new Indian thing, its kinda like yoga related. Its when you sit down Indian style, and pee.

Joanna:What? That. is. so. weird. Are you serious? So like he sits on the toilet, like you and me?

Britney: umm, no. Its more natural than that. He needs to sit on the ground and do it. So he just does it in the shower these days, since its cold out.

Joanna: What? That is strange! And he's trying this in lieu of therapy?

Britney:Yeah, I know it is, but it works. I mean, its made John a much calmer person, he?s become patient with the kids, and oh my, he?s become a better lover too! It has to do with the position of the penis in close approximation to the earth and like its?umm, gravitational pull or something. It is supposed to be very healthy, says our yoga instructor.

Joanna:Really? wow. I am definitely going to tell Patrick about this. We like totally dig yoga! It?s like, so healthy and stuff. It?s amazing. Totally giving this a shot. He might have to use the tub though.

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1m Comedy Skits - Pee-asan