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Son: Mom, what have you cooked today?

Mom: What you always wanted?

Son: Pasta!

Mom: No.

Son: Then what?

Mom: Fried Rice!

Son: I don't like fried rice!

Mom: Yes you do!

Son: No. You don't know what I like!

Mom: You like fried rice and that’s what I have cooked!

Son: I want pizza.

Mom: Sure. After you have eaten all the fried rice, I will get you pizza!

Son: No, I want pizza. I don't want to eat fried rice.

Mom: OK. How about Pasta? You like pasta right!

Son: Yes!

Mom: So finish up this fried rice quickly and then on the weekend I will cook pasta for you!

Son: No I want pasta now!

Mom: Yes I will get you pasta now but before that you need to eat your favorite fried rice!

Son: I want to eat pasta and not fried rice!

Mom: Too bad I was going to order pizza now! But since you want to eat pasta, you will have to wait till Sunday!

Son:  Why are you doing this?

Mom: I am doing this for you! I don't eat fried rice, I already ate pizza. I just cooked it for you!

Son: But I don't like fried rice. I hate it!

Mom: This is cooked by me. You like my cooking, don't you!

Son: Yes, but I don't like fried rice!

Mom: What is wrong with fried rice?

Son: I just don't like it!

Mom: Try it, it tastes like pasta!

Son: Don't lie to me!

Mom: Mothers don't lie, son! Only fathers do!

Son: I want to have pizza now!

Mom: Just now you said you want pasta. Make up your mind!

Son: I want pizza!

Mom: OK. But now the shops would be closed. You could have said it earlier and your Mom would have got you!

Son: I want pasta!

Mom: If the shops are closed then how can I get you pasta!

Son: OK. Give me fried rice!

Mom: But you don't like fried rice. I don't want you to do things that you don't like to do!

Son: I am hungry! Just give me anything!

Mom: Woh! Woh! Don't be rude to your Mom! You will have to eat steamed broccoli if you do that!

Son: Mom please, just give me fried rice!

Mom: Now this looks familiar!

Son: What?

Mom: This is how I request you to do your homework every day! Don't I?

Son: Yes Mommy!

Mom: And do you do your homework?

Son: From today I will do it!

Mom: OK! I have cooked pasta; go have it if the dog has not eaten it already!

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2m Comedy Skits - Pasta