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It's a sunny, sunny day in beautiful Mall of America, in America.

A family, husband, wife, son and daughter walk into the mall to began they're journey into a fun filled day.

A young couple sits on a bench enjoying an ice cream and the guy looks glances over to the incoming family and say's to his partner " awe, it's a family affair!"

Behind the couple a man enthralled in his phone conversation emerges from his conversation and over hears the couple, pauses, and say's to himself in a loud, questionable tone " a family of bear's?"

A heavily overweight woman, also completely oblivious to her surroundings as she currently cuts coupons, looks up in shock " bear's!"

Cellphone man: AHHH!!

The mall jumps into a complete panic. The coupon lady throws her scissors across the mall floor injuring cell phone man while the family who entered the mall in hopes of a fun filled family day has stopped in complete horror.

WNBX News tonight:

Terror at the Mall of America, our on the scene correspondent Dan Limes is with us now Dan:

Thank you Bob. I am here now with an eye witness to the events that occurred earlier today: (lady cutting coupons emerges, look's frightened) Mame, could you tell me what happened earlier today?

"It all happened so fast! At one point I was spending time with my son when I heard a man behind me scream bomb! At which point I just ran"

Dan - Was anyone injured? Did anything happen Mame? "Well, one man I believe was injured from what I think might have been shrapnel".

Dan - Does that mean the bomb went off? "I'm not sure, it happened so fast"

WNBX News tonight: "Wow, what a day. We are now going to go to our special correspondent that is currently in Australia, thousands of miles away and was sound asleep and has no idea of what occurred until right now, we are with him live now"

Bob WNBX News- "Andy thank you for being with us tonight, what can you make of this?

Andy - "Absolutely nothing"

Bob - "Wow, stern stuff from our specialist out in Australia"

Dan- "Bob, does Andy still work for us?"

Bob-"hasn't for 10 years"

Dan-"great, great to hear from him"

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Can I use this in my school's show?
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Sure, you can use it for the school's play.
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Can I Use this For a video on my youtube channel?
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can i use this for a youtube video skit?
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Can I use this for my Broadcasting class?

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