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National Geographic The hunt for the last cannibal tribes

Scene: Camera man, and 2-explorers walking through the jungles of Zambia where some of the last known cannibal tribes may still exist?

From out of nowhere tribal warriors, with painted faces and human bones hanging from all over their bodies surrounded them with spears poking them and guiding them to their village. They knew this was a cannibal tribe. They entered a grass hut village that was surrounded by poles with human skulls mounted on top of poles as they took them to meet the Chief and his wife.

Back in the USA telling their story on Dr. Phil:

Dr. Phil: So what happened after you guys met with the Chief?

Explorer: We sat down with the Chief and his wife and told them that we were from National Geographic and doing a story on the last cannibal tribes.

Dr. Phil: So what happened next?

Explorer: He knew National Geographic and told us that, "We have your magazines in our witch doctors waiting room. We also now have satellite TV and internet but only in my hut." He went on to tell us that, "We love Americans because they are nice and fat and self basting." He then invited us for dinner that night.

Dr. Phil: Did you and the crew go to dinner that night?

Explorer: We sure did because we knew it would insult the Chief if we Refused and didn't want to be on their next dinner table.

Dr. Phil: So you and your crew attended dinner that evening. What was going through your mind before dinner?

Explorer: First of all we had no idea what the dinner would consist of? However, we knew that we had to keep a smile on our faces and let the Chief and his wife know that dinner was very delicious! But than an argument broke out between the Chief and his wife regarding another tribal Chief and how that Chief cares for his wife compared to her husband.

Dr. Phil: What was she comparing?

Explorer: It was started by his wife regarding her necklaces that she wasn't happy with because her necklaces were all toes with sometimes dried out flesh, where Chief "Booga" from the other tribe gave his wife "fingers" that were always cleaned and polished. The Chief fired back at her and said, "All you do is complain about everything! Okay I'll have your next necklace, cleaned and polished, made from fingers like Chief "Booga's" wife has!" But it didn't stop there. She started complaining about his mother! The Chief said, "Now what?" His wife said, "You know I really don't like your mother!" The Chief was now mad and told her, "You don't like anything at all, do you? I haven't the time to hear you complaining about everything and now my mother, so just eat the god dam potatoes!!!"


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