Multiverse Series: The Fanatic's Universe

Multiverse Series: The Fanatic's Universe

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Fanatic: Sir , welcome to the Fanatic's Universe

Traveller: Thank you.

Fanatic: Would you like to have coffee?

Tarveller: No. Thanks for the offer.

Fanatic(yells): Kill this Infidel.

Traveller: What?

Fanatic: Relax it is joke.

Traveller: Ok.

Fanatic: We don't kill people just because they refuse our coffee. 

Traveller: Wow

Fanatic: Now it would have been different if you would have refused our tea.

Traveller: ok!! (This looks good)

Fanatic: Sir , don't touch any thing without asking me. If any thing explodes then don't blame we  didn't warn you.

Traveller: So what does your Universe have?

Fanatic: Peace

Traveller: Well. Things look peaceful for sure.

Fanatic: Our Universe is an abode of peace. No wars, no strifes , no conflicts ... 

Traveller: How did you achieve that?

Fanatic: It was very difficult you see. We had to struggle..

Traveller: Struggle. 

Fanatic: Yes.

Traveller: Tell me more.

Fanatic: You see God created this Universe and just asked one thing from us. 

Traveller: What?

Fanatic: To believe that he exists. But you know what everyone started believing that he exist.

Traveller: That's what God wanted.

Fanatic: Yes. But when everyone is a believer and believes in one thing than the belief is no longer a belief  but becomes a fact.

Traveller: Yes.

Fanatic: So when God does exists becomes a fact then there is no question of belief any longer.

Traveller: Yes.

Fanatic: So we were not doing the only thing that God wants us to do and that is to believe in him. 

Traveller: I am sort of not getting you. So how is that related to peace.

Fanatic: So what happened is that some great people like me decided that there should be a group of people  who should not believe in God.

Traveller: So?

Fanatic: So we asked half of the people to go to the other side of the Universe and start not beleieving in God.

Traveller: Why would you do that?

Fanatic: So that the other half can become believers.

Traveller: Then, what happens about the other half who are not.

Fanatic: We rotate. Sometimes we are believers and sometimes they are.

Traveller: So people just agree to switch from believer to non believer

Fanatic: No, they don't. Thats why I told you not to touch anything without asking me

Traveller: So , I didn't get it

Fanatic: Yes we fight, We bomb each other. 

Traveller: Did you fight before you people split up?

Fanatic: No.

Traveller: Then, you had peace then and not now.

Fanatic: Exactly there is where you don't understand us.

Traveller: Please explain

Fanatic: When every one was a believer then then God became a fact and so there was no question of belief. So we didn't have MENTAL PEACE , but yes peace was there on the outside but it didn't percolate inside. Now we fight but we have mental peace , the believers fight to stay believer and so have mental peace and the non believers fight to become believers and so they have mental peace.

Traveller: I can't believer this.

Fanatic: Wait till you believe this. We further have split a portion of believers who side with the non - believers and a portion of the non - believers who secretly side with the believers and so that adds a spice to wht fight. We fight within ourself .. oh what anoble thing to do..

Traveller: I am becoming late, I must leave now..

Fanatic: Wait are you a believer or non believer

Traveller: Which part of Universe it is?

Fanatic(smiling): I won't tell you.

Traveller: Believer

Fanatic: KILL HIM!!

Traveller: What? No?

Fanatic: This is the Non Believer side of Universe

Traveller: Please leave me

Fanatic: Don't worry , we are from the faction of beleivers who tilt towards believer.

Traveller: Ohh!! Thanks.

Fanatic: Got you.

Traveller: I almost forgot about the factions.

Fanatic: You should listen to us. You don't listen.

Traveller: I will remember

Fanatic: Remember all a fanatic wants is peace

Traveller: Yes on your own terms..

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5m Comedy Skits - Multiverse Series: The Fanatic's Universe