Mrs Shelly and Peter

Mrs Shelly and Peter

(2m)   by ballekumar

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Mrs Shelly: Yes Peter, what are you telling to your friend Jupeter?

Peter: I was telling Jupeter that MY father said that YOU killed Abraham Lincoln

Mrs Shelly: He must be kidding then.

Peter: No, he was smoking pot. He said Abraham Lincoln didn't do his homework and you killed him

Mrs Shelly: No way. I wasn't even born then!

Peter: He said you were about 5000 year old when Lincoln was born.

Mrs Shelly: Human dont live that long

Peter: Yes humans don't but he said you are angel

Mrs Shelly: Awww!! So sweet.

Peter: Who was cast to earth by god for her evil deeds!

Mrs Shelly: Enough. Call your dad here!

Peter: No he said you will drink his blood!

Mrs Shelly: So is he afraid of me?

Peter: No he said that if you drink all his blood then nothing would be left for my mother.

Mrs Shelly:
Ohh shut up!!

Peter: Thats what he said you said to jesus in the class one day when he told the wrong answer and then he commited suicide by crucifying himself.

Mrs Shelly: Now that is too much. Kneel Down.

Peter: Don't make me talk to your pee pee? Just like the principal makes you do.

Mrs Shelly: Peter!!

Peter: He was shouting and his eyes were wide open and he was looking at cieling when you were talking to him. What magic spell you cast on his pee pee.

Mrs Shelly: Shut up. You are out of control.

Peter: Yes I heard the principal say that you when he was lifting you to clean the cieling.

Mrs Shelly:

Peter: Yes the principal lifts you and takes you around the cabin. You look at the cieling with your mouth wide open and try to scrach the cieling. I have seen it.

Mrs Shelly

Peter : I was in detention room next to the principal's office.

Mrs Shelly: Can you please keep quite?

: You were screaming then and now why are telling me to keep quite.

Mrs Shelly: Please keep quite.You are my sweet baby.

: I don't like you now. 

Mrs Shelly: Why?

Peter: You called me baby. I am 7 years old. You call everyone as baby. You even called the principal as baby.

Mrs Shelly: Stop the prinicipal thing. Tell me did you do your homework?

Peter: No.

Mrs Shelly: Why?

Peter: My father was ill.

Mrs Shelly: What does that have to do with your homework?

Peter: He does it for me. 

Mrs Shelly: Why? You should do your homework. 

Peter: My father said that at home he is the boss and he decides who does what.

Mrs Shelly: Call your dad.

Peter: He won't come he said.

Mrs Shelly: Call your mom.

She said that I am school's headache.

Mrs Shelly:
I will report this, tell your parents they will lose you.

Peter: I am not going to tell them , you tell them. I am not your servant.

Mrs Shelly: Watch the way you speak, young man?

Peter: How can I watch my words? I can only hear them.

Mrs Shelly: Ohh my gosh!! Class is over. Okk Peter come to me.

Peter (Imitating his dad) :
Not tonight honey and possibly never.

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2m Comedy Skits - Mrs Shelly and Peter