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Monk: Why have you come here?

Man: For mental peace

Monk: I mean, to our monastery in particular

Man: Oh Ok! Your commercial really drew me in.

Monk: Which one?

Man: Why do you need that?

Monk: This is important information which is required to be filled before we accept your fees.

Man: Look I want to skip this section.

Monk: Then you have to pay 100 dollars extra!

Man: What? You people are after money?

Monk: No we need money to keep the monastery running. We have 100 people doing nothing but meditating! Who is going to pay for the food, wine, movies, trips and..

Man: And...

Monk: Will tell you later!

Man:˜OK. Got it!

Monk: When do you want to start?

Man: Now!

Monk: Where is your furniture? Renting a furnished room is costly!

Man: I didn't know I would need to bring furniture.

Monk: And what else do you not now! You need to know at least something to be enlightened.

Man: But aren't we supposed to leave our material possessions for enlightenment!

Monk: Yes you leave them for the monastery when you die.

Man: So can I bring my pet!

Monk: It will be extra!

Man: OK! How much?

Monk: It is written on the pamphlet. Read it yourself. First rule for enlightenment is stop asking questions. So how much down payment going are you going to pay?

Man: 20%

Monk: It is recommended to pay at least 90%.

Man: I can't afford it!

Monk: Nor can we afford with your 20%. If you pay only 20% of our fees you will be get only 20% of our program and we want you to get 100%.

Man: Why is not free?

Monk: We are charging you so that you are free of any financial anxiety. When you don't have money you won't suffer over it! That?s why it is not free.

Man: So can I bring my wife?

Monk: Well you can, but there are almost 99 other men in this facility who do nothing all day! So if I were you I wouldn't!

Man: So if I join you as a monk for 2 years will I be free of all worries.

Monk: Well yes, you will have nothing of what you have today in your possession to worry about. We have always delivered on this promise of ours!

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