Momma's Boy

Momma's Boy

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Wife: Oh!! My God !! Oh My God!!

Husband: Mummy!!!

Wife: Now why did you say that?

Husband: Whenever I am super excited I say "Mummy" , you know that..

Wife: So you were never super excited before

Husband: Yes I was , I was whispering Mummy and today I said it loudly

Wife: But why are you saying Mummy in this ..

Husband: Then why did you shout "Oh! My God!!" while we are having sex..

Wife: Because God didn't try to kill me but your Mom did ..

Husband: No she didn't know you peanut allergy .. 

Wife: Whatever no Mummy!!

Husband: I said Mummy when I graduated , when I got first laid, when you said Yes , then why not now ..

Wife: I don't like your Mom

Husband: Then let me "Mummy In Law"

Wife: Now you are going to fantasize about my Mom while having sex with me ..

Husband: No it is just an expression of ..

Wife: Lust 

Husband: I meant to say excitement ..

Wife: You are never going to say Mummy again ..

Husband: Is it fine if I say "Peter's Mummy", Peter is our son ..

Wife: Well that works ..

Husband: Cool ..

Wife: Now where were we ..

Husband: I forgot (naughtily) .. so we will have to start all over again ..

Moral of the story "Marriage is a compromise"

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