Marathon Man

Marathon Man

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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                                                        ( FINISHING LINE AT THE LONDON MARATHON )


RUNNER: Thank heavens that's over. I suppose its always tough the first time you do it.

RACE STEWARD: Very good sir. Now if you could move to one side, we are expecting the Olympic champion shortly.

RUNNER: He's not by any chance that Kenyan chap I passed about five miles back?

RACE STEWARD: Yes the Olympic champion is Kenyan, that is common knowledge, As for passing him five miles back I admire your sense of humor

RUNNER: Glad to hear you appreciate it. The champ certainly didn't. When I came up behind him I shouted watch out STAMPEDE. You should have seen his grumpy face when I left him in my wake.

RACE STEWARD: I'm sure if that happened it would have been most amusing to observe. Now if you could vacate the finishing area that would be great.

RUNNER: You are making a hell of a fuss about this Olympic guy. Hold on just a second, don't tell me I have won the London marathon.

RACE STEWARD: To win you have to complete the full course, not just the last little bit.

RUNNER: I started at the start like everybody else. I wasn't even up the front. I'm actually going mad that I stopped halfway for breakfast. I could have have thrown away my chance of victory.

RACE STEWARD: If you're claiming you won you're a liar and a fantasist. Now please clear off.

RUNNER: Why don't you believe me?

RACE STEWARD: Because you're dressed as a Centaur. That's the reason as if you didn't know.

RUNNER: I would agree one hundred per cent with you on the cheating thing if I was an actual Centaur. Having two extra legs would I agree give me a unfair advantage. The fact is I'm wearing a costume that is a disadvantage as the rear legs which are not mine have to be dragged along. 

RACE STEWARD: I think I see someone approaching. Must be the champ.

RUNNER: That's a very strange running style he's got


RUNNER 2: That Kenyan chap not too happy with me. I accidentally hit him with my tail as I skipped past him. Have I just won the London marathon.

RUNNER: Second I'm afraid. I just pipped you.

RUNNER 2: I knew I shouldn't have brought my kids along in my pouch.



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nearly completed a marathon in a wheelchair, unfortunately the battery went flat half way through.

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2 Person 1.5m Comedy Skits - Marathon Man