Man to Man Talk

Man to Man Talk

(1m)   by gritt brewer

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dad: son now that you are eighteen, its time we had a little talk.

son: sure dad, but we have had plenty of talks over the years.

dad: today is different my boy. i feel its time i revealed some truths to you.

boy: what truths?

dad: what i am about to say does not change anything. your mother and i love you as much as your brothers and sisters. son you are adopted

boy: adopted. but if I'm adopted who are my real parents and what happened them. are you absolutely sure dad

dad: surely you must have suspected. you are different from mother and i

boy: i have mothers eyes

dad: if you say so. just take a good look. why do you think you walk around on two legs and all the rest of us are on all fours

boy: you told me its a special gift that very few of us have

dad: its because we are wolves and you are a human

boy: no I'm a wolf like you. you are a non shedding wolf and I'm a shedding wolf. that's why you have fur and i am bloody freezing all the time. what about my tail

dad: that would be the tail you remove every night before you go to sleep. have you ever saw anyone else removing their tail.

son: well no but not all wolves are the same

dad: all wolves are the same. you are different because you are not a wolf. you never thought it strange when we hunted, you were the only wolf on a bicycle. you're the only one that cooks his food. you're the only one that goes to MacDonalds. you're the only one that's got a pet rabbit.

son: not anymore. i asked growler to look after him and now hes gone. he must have left the cage open

dad: the rabbit was consumed like all your other rabbits I' m afraid to say. son you are not a wolf. we adopted you. us wolves are in many ways the social workers of the animal kingdom. we are just made that way

boy: how did it all come about

dad: well it was the worst winter in living memory. the pack was starving and spirits were low. we needed our luck to change and suddenly we encountered you and we have not looked back since that darkest of days

boy: did i inspire a revival in spirits and reinforce your determination to overcome all obstacles

dad: not exactly, we ate your parents







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would prefer to be adopted by foxes as they seem more intelligent

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