Love , Marriage and Money

Love , Marriage and Money

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Boyfriend: Do you love me?

Girlfriend: Yes!

Boyfriend: Will you marry me?

Girlfriend: How are these two things related?

Boyfriend: Am I not good enough!

Girlfriend: You are not rich enough!

Boyfriend: I am serious!

Girlfriend: You should be!

Boyfriend: So all you want is money?

Girlfriend: No. I want the things money can get!

Boyfriend: I love you so much!

Girlfriend: I wish you could earn that much!

Boyfriend: Then why do you even love me!

Girlfriend: Love doesn't require a reason but marriage does

Boyfriend: So if I make a lot of money, will you marry me?

Girlfriend: Depends upon whether the word 'lot' means a 'lot' for both of us!

Boyfriend: How much should I make?

Girlfriend: 6K per month

Boyfriend: That’s a lot of money

Girlfriend: After taxes I mean!

Boyfriend: Let’s negotiate! 3K!

Girlfriend: OK, for that money you can marry my mother, you will still get to love me, but only as a daughter!

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Submitted by deanburry_9358 on Sat, 07/01/2017 - 20:19
Hi there. I'm teaching an opera composition class on comedy and was wondering if one of my students could set this piece to music?
Submitted by House on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 02:46
Hi! can I have your permission to use this? thank you ))

2 Person 1m Comedy Skits - Love , Marriage and Money