Little Ben

Little Ben

(5m)   by Lenard

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Amanda enters the child care building. John is working at the desk. Amanda: Hello. I’m here to pick up my baby. John: Ah, little Ben, right? He behaved like an angel today. Amanda: I’m glad to hear that. It’s pretty quiet in here for a child care. John: Yes, everybody is gone by now. It’s Friday, you know. People like to disappear early on Friday, if you know what I mean. Amanda: Yep, the word Friday always puts a smile on my face. John (smiles): Tell me about it. Especially when you have a date tonight. And by you I mean me. Amanda: Congratulations. John: Thank you. Let me grab the little guy, and we’ll call it a day. John goes to the playroom and seconds later comes back with a baby in his hands. John: Wake up Benjamin, mommy is here. John gives the baby to Amanda, but she gets confused after looking at the baby. Amanda: Is this some kind of a joke? John: What do you mean? Amanda: This is not my baby. John: Really? Are you sure? Amanda: Of course I’m freaking sure. Don’t you think I would recognize my own son? John: But, but how is that possible? There are no more babies left in here. Amanda: What did you do? John: Let’s just calm down. There has to be a reasonable explanation for all of this. Hm. I’ve got it. Somebody must’ve picked up a wrong baby. It’s a simple switch. Amanda: A simple switch? What kind of a daycare is this? Do you guys just grab the first baby that comes and give it up to the first parent at the door. How in the world can anybody take a wrong baby and take it home for the weekend? John: I know it sounds funny but these things do happen. Sometimes parents are unable to make it on time, so they send other people to pick up their kids. Sometimes people come who don’t know what those kids even look like. And also there is another thing I just remembered. We had two Bens in today. Amanda: Two Benjamins? John: I know right. Who the hell names their kids Benjamin anymore. It’s the 21st century. And another great thing I just remembered. You can relax now. You guys are both regulars. So, before you lose yourself in a panic attack let me suggest something. Take this little cutie home for the weekend and bring him back Monday. Amanda: Are you out of your mind? John: No, no listen to me. Everybody is coming back Monday, all regulars. Your baby is going to be here no matter what. I’ll keep an eye on him this time. I promise. No harm done. And besides, this little stud needs home for the weekend. Amanda looks at the baby. Baby smiles at her. John (mimics baby talk): My new mommy, my new mommy, let’s have a great adventure this weekend, and Monday we can all go back to our boring lives and forget all of this ever happened. Amanda hesitates for a moment and then she slaps John hard. John (touching his cheek): Ow! Amanda: I’m going to tell you what is going to happen right now. You’re going to call Ben’s family and hope that this is just a simple misunderstanding. If it is we are going to drive to their house and make sure that both kids sleep at their homes tonight. John: But, but, I have a date tonight. Amanda (slaps him again): Until we find my boy, you’re on a date with me! John: Ow!

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