Lippz - Medicated Suppositories

Lippz - Medicated Suppositories

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Lippz Medicated Suppositories

Scene 1 - Two senior citizens - One black and one white are limping and scratching about the senior center, in obvious hemorroidal pain.

Senior one to senior two (anguished): "I'm standing up cause I Can't sit down!!!!"

Announcer VO: Are you suffering from the ITCHING, the BURNING, the PAIN and SUFFERING of HEMOROIDS? Are you embarrassed by the staining hemorrhoids causes your undergarments?

The 2 seniors look perplexed as to where the voice is coming from, yet they nod sheepishly in acknowledgement at their discomfort.

Announcer VO: Well now there's help...New Lippz Medicated Suppositories!

Scene 2 - A pair of wax lips are chroma-keyed onto a human anatomy chart showing the backside of a man with smoke billowing out of his butt.

VO: Lippz gentle touch, soothing and cooling lotions help ease the suffering and get you back in the seat in no time. Use Lippz Medicated Suppositories and KISS your hemorrhoid goodbye!

Scene 2 Continues - The Lips kiss the smoking butt and the fire goes out with an audible hiss.

Scene 3 - The 2 seniors are sitting in rockers, obviously relieved and comfortable.

Senior One ? ?Ahh... I'm sitting down now?. Senior Two ? ?And we don't EVER wanna get up again!!!?

Both - Chuckles and show each other their packages of Lippz.

VO: Lippz Medicated Suppositories. Use only when and where directed.

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We could all use Lippz now and then.

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1m Comedy Skits - Lippz - Medicated Suppositories