King Kong

King Kong

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King Kong: I am an ape. My name is King Kong.

Man: Heh monkey!

King Kong: Ape I said, I am not a monkey!!

Man: Yes monkey's do like to ape right.

King Kong: Look at my size before talking like that

Man: Size doesn't matter

King Kong: I will crush you

Man: You have an accent , I will call the cops and you will be deported.

King Kong: Are you are not surprised that you can talk to an ape?

Man: I am salesman , I can talk with anyone. I am not surprised.

King Kong: Are you not surprised that an ape can talk?

Man: No, with this kind of scary face God compensated you with good vocal chords. How did you land up here?

King Kong: Crossed the Mexican Border.

Man: No one noticed you.

King Kong: Your troops are busy guarding the borders of other nations.

Man: Ok!! So how do you like USA?

King Kong: People just run away from me.

Man: Yes , it is not everyday that they see a talking monkey and boy you are little too tall for a monkey.

King Kong: I want people to know me and adore me

Man: I know just the right place for you to go to. I will take you there.

King Kong: Where?

Man: Porn Industry. Boy you are exotic and size does matter there.

King Kong: What is porn?

Man: See it's nothing for you. You mate with another monkey and you let other animals watch. Right?

King Kong: Yes

Man: So now even people will watch you and get paid very handsomely. You can also experiment a bit with others. There can be group activities. I can be your friend too. You would have to change your name to sometime like 'Kink Kong from Hong Kong' for you to be well known.

King Kong: No I won't change my name. My father Tarzan gave it to me. I won't.

Man: Ok then there is only one other place. But you would have to struggle a lot.

King Kong: Ok! What is it?

Man: Hollywood.

King Kong: Is it some forest?

Man: It's not a forest but it is full of ferocious beasts. Survival is hard there.

King Kong: Wow!! I want to be there.

Man: Come with me.

(Thus King Kong started acting in films)

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4m Comedy Skits - King Kong