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Over the phone ..


Kidnapper: We have your son!!


Man: Step son, you mean. My son is here.


Kidnapper: We need a million.


Man: Why would I pay that much for my step son?


Kidnapper: Your wife will divorce you, if you don't pay.


Man: Yes but still the divorce would cost me only half a million in settlement.


Kidnapper: Fuck!! Okk 400 K.


Man: If I get a good lawyer I can settle with my wife for a lot less.


Kidnapper: Don't you love your step son.


Man: Yes I do but I can't shell out the money I have kept aside for my retirement for him.


Kidnapper: Okk 200 K.


Man: Look I can give you the phone number of his real father. Why don't you call him?


Kidnapper: No you pay.


Man: How does it matter to you? His dad is a rich guy!!


Kidnapper: No he is not.


Man: How do you know that? Your voice sounds familiar.


Kidnapper: No you have never heard of me before.


Man: Ok!! So Robert how are you?


Kidnapper: I am good and yourself!! Ooops!!


Man: Got you. You are kidnapping your own son and getting money from me. And where is that rascal.


Boy: Daddy it was his idea.


Man: Robert I am going to tell your ex wife. I have been recording this conversation.


Kidnapper: No she will kill me.


Man: She will marry you again and that will straighten you up.


Kidnapper: No , just let this pass.


Man: Yes how much you would give me.


Kidnapper: What, I don't have anything.


Man: I am going to tell my wife about your little advanture.


Kidnapper: Wait this is just a prank. We are having fun.


Man: Look I need 50 K.


Kidnapper: I don't have it.


Man: Yes you do, sell your car.


Kidnapper: That won't get 50 K.


Man: Yes and then sell your house.


Kidnapper: Fuck !!


Boy: Daddy!!


Man: You young man!! You need to get out of my house or else I take you to cops.


Kidnapper: Let this pass.


Man: Okk!! you seduce your ex wife.


Kidnapper: What?


Man: You seduce her and your bastard son takes the photos of his mom. I drag her to court.


Kidnapper: Sick man!!


Man: Or else you both go to jail.


Woman (On the other end): So Steve its true you dont love me.


Man: Stella , what are you doing there?


Woman: We were just trying to play a prank on you.You are going to be sorry.


Man: Fuck!! No !!


Woman: I am going to file for a costly divorce.


Man: I am ruined.


Woman: Bye!!


(The woman hangs the phone) ==============================================================


Kidnapper: Good some how we made it.


Boy: Mom you need to find another rich guy soon.


Woman(Winks): After this one pays me.


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Submitted by NAMI (not verified) on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 06:10
awesome... it's funny... i like this
Submitted by bkuniverse on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 06:43
@NAMI thanks

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