It's Perfectly Fine

It's Perfectly Fine

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George and Lisa are friends, George has a crush on Lisa but she doesn't know it.

Chris is George's friend they all work together

Chris: Hey George, have you heard?

George: What?

Chris: Well, I heard that Lisa and Michael are going out now

George: (slight change in facial expression)

Yeah, I heard. What of it?

Chris: Doesn't it bother you? I thought you had feelings for Lisa

George: (in a high pitched voice)

No, it doesn't bother me at all. In fact I am extremely happy for both of them

Chris: (shakes his head)

If you say so

George: (still in high pitch)

I do


Lisa enters the room

Lisa: Hey Chris, hey George

Chris and George: Hey

Lisa: (turns to George)

Hey George, I haven't told you but I am seeing someone, his name is Michael from upstairs. You are a really good friend and you should meet him

George: (in high pitch)

Yeah we really should meet up, and you know what I am so happy for you

Lisa: Thank you very much, you are so nice George

George (in high pitch)

It's perfectly fine. We should go to dinner, why not invite him to mine for dinner.

Lisa: Oh that would be lovely, but your house is pretty far, it would be really hard to get home after dinner.

George: You know what, I can come and pick you both up, and what’s more you can pick the best spot to pick you.

Lisa: Oh that would be amazing, but wouldn’t it be a bother?

George: (in a high pitch)

Oh no it’s perfectly fine, I would be glad to do it

Lisa: Well, if it isn’t too much trouble could you pick us up at each of our houses.

George: (still in high pitch)

Of course, where do each of you live

Lisa: Umm, I’m not really sure of the area, but I do know it’s about an hour from my place

George: (in high pitch)

An hour? That will be perfectly fine

Lisa: (hugs George)

You are amazing George

Chris: (Aside/to himself)

I’m starting to think that I am a character only in this sketch because I was necessary to open the comedic scene


Scene 2


After a long drive, where Lisa and George get lost and wander for another hour before finding Michaels house. They are at George’s place and are eating dinner

Michael: Hey George, Lisa has said how kind you are, and I just wanted to say it was really cool of you to invite us around for dinner

George: (in a high pitch)

No it’s perfectly fine; honestly you are welcome to come here anytime you wish

Lisa: You are such an amazing friend

George: (laughs nervously)

Thank you

Michael: (moves in closer to Lisa)

We are lucky to have her aren’t we?

Lisa: (puts her arms around

Oh I was lucky to find you

(They both begin kissing)

George: I think I will go and check on the dessert


George gets up and leaves the room; he sits in the kitchen, giving Lisa and Michael time to compose their selves.

He enters the dining room to find Lisa and Michael lying on top of each other on his dining table; partially naked just comes to sexual climax.


Lisa and Michael: Oh my god, George we are so sorry

Lisa: things just happened

Michael: it was uncontrollable

George: (in high pitch)

Oh no it’s perfectly fine; I hope the session of intercourse was extremely enjoyable and more importantly that my dining table sufficed as a base for you.

Lisa: (slightly awestruck)

Are you sure you are not bothered?

George: (in high pitch)

 I couldn’t be, it is a perfectly fine thing for you to have sex when the urge hits you, whether you are a guest in someone’s house or not. Now let me get some hot towels, and both of you can freshen up, dessert is ready.

Lisa and Michael: You are such a lovely man

George: Oh it is perfectly and wonderfully fine.




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A slightly pathetic story about a man who takes not really caring too far. I chucked some meta in there just to see how people would like that

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