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Interviewer: Tell us about yourself?

Inventor: I am an inventor ..

Interviewer: And

Inventor: I have invented stuff

Interviewer: Like ..

Inventor: I invented a potion that makes one invisible

Interviewer: Wow!

Inventor: Invisible To oneself but others can see him

Interviewer: What good is that?

Inventor: It is not that I wanted invent it , it was just some miscalculation. So I drank this potion

and every one could see me and I could not see myself.

Interviewer: So ..

Inventor: My girlfriend dumped me

Interviewer: Why?

Inventor: Because I didn't wear clothes to the college.

Interviewer: Why did you do that?

Inventor: Now I could not see myself so how would I know whether I am wearing anything.

Interviewer: Anything else that you invented?

Inventor: For the students and schools I invented a book , which if you put on your head and sleep then

everything that is in the book goes in your memory ..

Interviewer: So what happened , did you make a lot of money

Inventor: No I am facing a lawsuit because my neighbors young child slept tieing the book on his head

Interviewer: Then..

Inventor: Next day he could tell the capital of Maine but he couldn't remember his name

Interviewer: Why?

Inventor: Because the book overrid his memory

Interviewer: Ohh No!!

Inventor: But I didn't give up ..I invented a plant whose fruits taste like chicken.

Interviewer: So was it a hit ..

Inventor: Well my father likes it but there is a side effect

Interviewer: What?

Inventor: My father lays eggs ..

Interviewer: Ohh!! poor father..

Inventor: No poor mother , because she had to cook them and they smell ..

Interviewer: OK. Did you invent any thing else?

Inventor: I invented a tele porter and that opened a portal

Interviewer: To what?

Inventor: To the spirit world and some spirit possesed my grandma.

Interviewer: How did you know she is possessed.

Inventor:Well she suddenly became this all loving and caring woman. She cooked dinner for all of us and we

immediately got her excorcised ..

Interviewer: Did you invent anything that worked?

Inventor: Well I invented a goggle wearing which one can see through walls.

Interviewer: Wow and that worked...

Inventor: Yes it worked and I regret that ..

Interviewer: Why?

Inventor: My mom wore it and saw my dad banging the neighbor. Now they are going to divorce ..

Interviewer: Ohh!! poor you .. is there any thing you want to say to the audience ..

Inventor: Please watch out for a guy who looks exactly like me. I was working on a copy machine which doesn't require paper. I thought it is pretty harmless stuff but some how ended up cloning myself.

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Submitted by George A (not verified) on Fri, 01/27/2017 - 17:14
Can I PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE use this script for a YouTube Skit?? I will credit you in the description! Thank you!

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