Interview of a Terrorist

Interview of a Terrorist

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Reporter: Tell me more about your organization..

Terrorist: It is called LOVE TODAY.

Reporter: What?

Terrorist: Yes. Landmines Overcome Virtually Everything Today ..

Reporter: Ok!! What do you want?

Terrorist: We don't have any agenda as such. No body attends our meetings .. Nowadays everybody is busy being a suicide bomber. You see..

Reporter:  But you must be having some broad agenda right .. 

Terrorist: No. I am sorry. We are relatively new .. still getting our feet wet in blood

Reporter: And hands too!!

Terrorist: Yaa! You should join us .. too ..

Reporter: No. Thanks. So why did you call me?

Terrorist: I like you. You are so cute. I want to date you!!

Reporter: What?

Terrorist: Yes. I don't have an online profile but my profile is in all the government databases .. You can see..

Reporter: No. I am going!!

Terrorist: Look I have the most stable job in today's economy. I am famous and I maintain myself well. You will feel absolutely loved and protected ..

Reporter: No I don't want to marry a terrorist ..

Terrorist: I am not a terrorist .. I am just an Human Resource guy just like anyone else ..

Reporter: What?

Terrorist: And I am the best. The Human Resource people in all companies don't care about the employees exploding in the workplace . I care ..

Reporter: You know what .. you have your own view about life...

Terrorist: Everyone does ..

Reporter: But you people kill innocent people ..

Terrorist: So do all the multinationals.. all the food , sodas , alcohol and other things ..Media only highlights us ..because there are not some big corporations shielding us ..

Reporter: Your justifications won't help you .. why do you want to join the bandwagon of murderers ..

Terrorist: I would so love to answer this question but as I said we have not formulated any official agenda , so I can't comment ..

Reporter: I want your personal view ..

Terrorist: Video Games .. thousands of hours of video games .. the violent ones .. Personally speaking that cultivated the desire in me ..

Reporter: Then every person who plays them should have joined you ..

Terrorist: I wish so too .. But you see some are men than others .. So when are we going to start dating ..

Reporter: No I will never date you ..

Terrorist: OK. No problem. I respect your choice and I accept the way you are ..You can go now .. My men will escort you back ..

Reporter: So you are not ..

Terrorist: Going to kill you .. No .. Not at all ..

Reporter: Wow .. I see some goodness inside you ..

Terrorist: Can I like call you up sometimes when I feel lonely ..

Reporter: Sure ..

Terrorist: What is personal number?

Reporter: Here .. let me write it down for you ..

Terrorist: You like Falafel ..

Reporter: Yes .. 

Terrorist: Even I like Falafel .. especially the ones made by One Hand Old Man near Times Square ..

Reporter: Yes .. they are delicious ..

Terrorist: You can ask him for discount ... he is our family friend ..

Reporter: Really ..

Terrorist: Now its getting late .. my men will escort you back..

Reporter: See yaa !!

Terrorist: Bye!!

After she is gone ..

Terrorist to his friend: This is how you get girls .. Learn something play the meanest guy on the block and then act nice ..

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5m Comedy Skits - Interview of a Terrorist