in thename of grub song

in thename of grub song

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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a great man who gave so much, to inform and educate

admired all over the world, in each and every state

champion of the common folk, a prince amongst men

hail to a legend, they call him Uncle Ben



in the name of grub, what more in the name of grub


first bring it to the boil, softly simmer for ten

cut the bag and fluff the rice, is what he recommends

cut some strips of chicken, fry for minutes five

add his famous sweet and sour, watch it come alive


early morning April four, shot rang out in the Memphis sky

a bold man shot Martin Luther King, and poor Martin died

a funeral of that size, can be a tricky thing

made easier when Uncle Ben, said he'd do the catering

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when U2 wrote a song about a great African American I thought overlooking Uncle Ben was a bit harsh

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1.5m Comedy Skits - in thename of grub song