In the mind of an airline passenger

In the mind of an airline passenger

(2.5m)   by ballekumar

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A man is sitting in an commercial plane over some long duration flight. He is married and he seems to have a thing for a beautiful flight attendent. This is a small skit which tells what goes on in his mind as he talks to the attendent. I hope many can identify ..

Air hostess: What can I serve you?

Passenger (thinking .. What I WANT? You won't give ME that easily? ): Orange Juice

Air hostess: Orange juice is over, Sir.Would you like to have anything else?

Passenger (thinking ..I never get juice, i wish my wife wears such dresses at home): Water with Ice

Air hostess: Sir No Ice.

Passenger (thinking..looking at air hostess.. how can there be fun without juice or ice): Give me coffee with creamer and 4 packs of sugar.

Air hostess: Sir wait, I will send the steward to brew fresh coffee

Passenger(thinking ... why is he going to restroom to brew, who is he, looks young , your boyfriend, i bet he is always on the same flight by sheer coincidence ): Its okk just give me water. Please

Air hostess: Coffee is coming. Sir.

Passenger(thinking .. F**K you): Water please.

Air hostess: Be patient sir. Coffee is coming.

Passenger (thinking .. my wife's soul must have entered her body,she just knows how to get on nerves): I need beer!

Air hostess: Ok. 5 dollars.

(Passenger gives his credit card)

Air hostess: Sir the credit card swiping machine is not working. You would have to pay by cash.

Passenger (thinking .. you might not know how to operate it.. you are used to handle only one dollar bills ..i know .. i know): I don't have cash

Air hostess: Well you can borrow it. 

Passenger (thinking ..  borrow it!! stupid woman thinks she has found a cure for cancer): Good suggestion. Thanks but in that case can I have coffee.

Air hostess: Your coffee has not come. So let me serve the other passengers and I will be back.

Passenger (thinking .. lets be funny): I wonder why don't they keep ATMs in planes.

Air hostess: Then there would be plane robberies along with hijacking.

(Other passengers laugh at that remark)

Passenger(thinking ..just like my wife knows how to put me down before other people and always eager to serve others): Ok.


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Submitted by Sid on Mon, 02/17/2014 - 00:32
a good one but end is little bit sudden

2.5m Comedy Skits - In the mind of an airline passenger