If She Ain't Free, Don't Kiss Her: A PSA Against Women

If She Ain't Free, Don't Kiss Her: A PSA Against Women

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Women. What can't we do without them? Besides pleasuring ourselves at night with a bathtub of lube, women don't have that much of a purpose in our lives. Sure they make babies for us but what does that do for us in the long run? Three long years of endless crying, money taken from our wallets (and that's just the wife!), and two bottles of Advil a day. Men get in debt everyday because of their wife, and that's a proven fact. It's time to go cheap or go six feet under.

Back in the old days, men didn't have to worry about their wives sucking them dry. Back then, we fought wars, kept our country in line, making sure no one ruins it! Now we are facing another great war: The Women War. They are rising in their numbers and our money is being sucked dry! Just like their Starbucks Latte with two pints of sugar mixed with five cups of Vitamin Ultra with a side of French Fries! That costs too much already, so imagine the cost for her...

It's time to fight now, men. Your rights are fading, and so is your credit card balance. It's time to act before you die and everything goes to the wife. You have a choice to make! Get rich or get married. It's on you.

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I'm not sexist, but I'm sarcastic.

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