If Charmian Carr Taught Kindergarten

If Charmian Carr Taught Kindergarten

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Charmian Carr (CC): This is so exciting! My first day teaching kindergarten. I bet these kids are going to be fun!

*the bell rings, and students walk through the door*

CC: Hello, class! I'm your teacher, Ms. Carr. Welcome to your first day of kindergarten!

*the class stares blankly at her*

CC: Um... why are you guys staring? A little nervous? That's all right... but you're freaking me out now.

Liesl Hartmann (LH): You have such bright blue eyes, Ms. Carr!

CC: Thank you, little girl! That's so kind of you. What's your name?

LH: Liesl.

*CC is shocked and begins to have flashbacks to Sound of Music*

CC: Wait. Did you just say 'Liesl?'

LH: Yes I did. In fact, I was named after you.

CC: *begins to sweat nervously* How... how did you know?

LH: Easy. You look like Liesl von Trapp, just fatter and older.

CC: That's not a nice thing to say!

Kurt Lyons (KL): You can't say that to Ms. Carr! The name's Kurt.

CC: *thinking to herself* Normally I'd dismiss it, but I just have to ask.

CC: Kurt... were you named after Kurt von Trapp?

KL: Actually, I was!

CC: Oh, no! This must be some sick joke!

Rolf Nicks (RN): *stands on a desk and starts singing* You are sixteen, going on seventeen, baby, the name is Rolf.

CC: Oh, God! My past has caught up to me!

RN: Better beware, be canny and careful.

GB: Get out of here!

RN: I... sir... fine!

Georg Boltzmann (GB): Liesl, you better not be going around with that boy. I may be just an Austrian, but I am a PROUD Austrian.

CC: Father...? Don't tell me your name's Georg.

GB: That's Captain to you.

CC: *starts crying* Please make it stop!

Maria Davenport (MD): *singing while spinning around* The hills are alive, with the sound of music...

CC: Why does Liesl always make my life so miserable?!

LH, GB, RN, MD, and KL: Do, a deer, a female deer, re, a drop of golden sun...

CC: I can't do this anymore! *jumps out the window, followed by a thunderous crash*

The Whole Class (TWC): *staring in shock* Who's gonna tell her we were just kidding?

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