I Don't Study Colors!

I Don't Study Colors!

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(Four kids spread among four seats on the bus)

Krystal: Hey Gabe, do you have your retainer in?

Gabe: Yeah... why?

Rebecca: OMG! OMG! OMG! Say Kittens!

Gabe: Kittenthz

Melissa: It sounds so funny with your retainer in! Hahahaha

Gabe: Ok I'll take it out.

Krystal: Yeah I want to hear how it sounds without it!

Melissa: NO! Then it will be all saliva-e

Gabe: (takes Retainer out) Kittens!

Melissa: EEEWWW!

Rebecca: Well why would you look...

Krystal: Hahaha put it back in and say "I love kittens"

Gabe: (puts Retainer in) I Hate Kittenthz

Rebecca, Melissa, Krystal: (Laugh)

Rebecca: Ok ok ok now say... the rainbow

Gabe: The rainbow

Rebecca: NO! Like, say the colors of the rainbow...

Gabe: Oh! Uhh i dont know them.

Krystal: Red... orange ...green...

Gabe: Oh! Yeah... Red, orange, green, indigo, uhh red

Melissa: No, like in order!

Gabe: Ummm i don't know them

Rebecca: How?

Gabe: Well how should I know, I don't study colors....

Krystal: hahaha Omg who does hahaha

Melissa: Hey, this is our bus stop!

Rebecca: Oh yeah! let's go krystal!

Gabe: Ok bye

All: Bye!

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