How Turkey Became A Holiday Favorite

How Turkey Became A Holiday Favorite

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Noah and his Wife have been on the Arc for a few months now and everyone is getting a bit tired of the close quarters, the smell and they just want this voyage to be over sometime soon.
The scene picks up with Noah and Martha (wife)
Noah: Martha, have you seen the teeth cleaning sticks? I thought I left them by the water pail.
Martha: Oh I thought those were my hair twigs. Here
(she pulls a couple of chop stick like sticks from her hair bun and hands them to Noah)
Noah: Thanks????.. I think.
(Noah looks at them, then her hair, then back to the sticks. Shrugs his shoulders and starts scrapping his teeth with them)
You know some day someone should make something a little better than these for cleaning teeth.
Martha: (changing the subject) Do you think we should send out another bird to see if there is any sign of land yet? We?re all getting a little tired of just floating around in this boat full of every animal smell there is.
Noah: Yeah I guess it?s about time. But we?re running out of birds Martha. Who we gonna chuck out the window today?
Martha: I don?t know! Throwing birds out the window to determine if we?re near land was your brainstorm not mine. Just pick something with wings and let?s get it over with.
Turkey struts on stage looking around pecking up crumbs. Noah looks at Turkey with an inquisitive expression then dismisses the idea of Turkey with the shake of his head and goes back to cleaning his teeth.
Martha: (reminiscing) You know Noah tomorrow would normally have been the yearly feast of the harvest.
Noah: Really?
Martha: Yes and we all want to be off this boat as soon as land is available. I wasn?t going to mention it but honey, even your beginning to smell some now.
Noah: (a bit indignant) Yeah well I wasn?t going to mention it either but?
Martha: (interrupting) Don?t even go there NOAH
Suddenly the whole Arc lurches as if it has gone aground on a sand bar or some other land form. Noah and Martha and any character animals all scramble for balance in response.
Martha: What was that!
Noah: Hmmmm I think we might be on some land wife.
Martha: (getting excited but trying to contain it) Well how do we find out? How can we be sure? Oh my Oh my this is fantastic?
Hoah: Hold on Martha, Hold on. We?re not doing anything until we find out for sure. Now let?s see?
(Noah rubs his chin while pondering his next decision)
He looks over at the Turkey again as it continues pecking around recovering from the jolt the arc took moments before.
Noah: Turkey?
Turkey looks up at him wondering did someone call my name? Cocks his head a bit sideways with a dumb expression
Noah: yes you?come here.
Turkey struts over to Noah and listens
Noah: Turkey, you are privileged among birds. You see that window up there?
Turkey nods with a dull expression.
Noah: Well we?re gonna have you fly out that window and see if there?s land out there.
(Turkey, starting to grasp the request, knowing he can?t fly starts to nod no)
Noah: Now come on, we all have to do our parts to live in community and it?s your turn to help out.
Noah and Martha could walk turkey up some prop stairs or a small ladder. Then pushing Turkey out a prop window the audience would hear a long Turkey howling as it falls to it?s death with a loud thud as it hits the ground (via some thumping sound effect)
Skit Ends with Noah turning his head toward Martha and cracking a smile?
Noah: Martha? Looks like we?re havin Turkey for dinner.
The End

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Submitted by some guy (not verified) on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 04:20
Hey wait a second that wasn't funny! and turkeys can fly up short distances and glide quite well.

3.5m Comedy Skits - How Turkey Became A Holiday Favorite