Hit and Run

Hit and Run

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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DETECTIVE 1: Whats the story ?

DETECTIVE 2: One body by the side of the road. Injuries consistent for a hit and run

DETECTIVE 1: Well technically It's a hit and drive away

DETECTIVE 2: I've had a good look at the crime scene, and believe it or not, I think technically It's a hit and run

DETECTIVE 1: I don't follow you, what are you getting at?

DETECTIVE 2: I couldn't help notice a few things that convince me of this. Firstly look at the body

DETECTIVE 1: It's flat as a pancake. You could bring him home and slide him under his door.

DETECTIVE 2: You could I suppose if you didn't want to break the news to his next of kin. Also notice the absence of tyre marks. That suggests it had to be a steamroller, but surely its easy to avoid something with a top speed of ten kilometers a hour

DETECTIVE 1: A souped up steamroller sounds a bit far fetched

DETECTIVE 2: I thought so too. Then I noticed footprints, bare footprints, and that got me thinking. It was then I found this the most damming evidence of all. ( POINTS )

DETECTIVE 1: What am I suppose to be looking at?

DETECTIVE 2: That pile of droppings in front of you

DETECTIVE 1: I'm not a expert, but the only creature that could have left that is a Elephant and a bloody big one with a eating disorder. Escaped Elephant flattens man, then rolls on him for good measure, and runs off. So technically It's a hit and run

DETECTIVE 2: No, that is not the case. We checked the droppings, and they are the work of a Dinosaur, which of course from a police point of view make it a easily solvable case.

DETECTIVE 1: Our old friend Mr Flintstone, when is he going to leave that stone age nonsense behind him.

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this sketch would make a great edge of your seat thriller. audiences would still root for Fred despite him being a killer

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Submitted by sajianson27 on Sun, 07/17/2022 - 09:04
I really enjoyed this script can I use it as a skit I will give you maximum credit??
Submitted by gritt brewer on Sun, 07/17/2022 - 09:34
use anything i wrote thats what its there for good luck

2 Person 1.5m Comedy Skits - Hit and Run