Headless Horseman's Wife

Headless Horseman's Wife

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Headless Horseman is just sitting on a rocking chair and his wife is speaking to him.

Wife: Are you not happy with me?

Wife: My mother told me that you are not of the expressive type but boy, you are really reserved!

Wife: We have been married for the past 7 years and yet I still think I don't know you! There is a part of you which you always keep hidden!

Wife: You write poems but you never recite them?

Wife: I cook all the dishes you like but you never even taste of them? I think u only like to eat what your

Mother cooks? She never tells me the recipes!

Wife: Yes, I know you are a good listener and I appreciate that but still I am open for ideas!

Wife: I want to hear your feedback, you just seem to agree with all that I have to say!

Wife: No woman likes a person who just does what she says!

Wife: You can disagree with me; we can have fights like normal couples do! I am not going to kill you!

Wife: You don't have to be pacifist

Wife: Are you interested in someone else?

Wife: Tell me, you can say anything to me and I will keep it a secret. Whisper it in my ears!

Wife: I wish your horse could talk but he is always busy chewing on bones. I don?t like pets but still for you I allowed you to keep the horse. Why is the horse always so angry?

Wife: I think you are suffering from insomnia; you are the only person awake in "Sleepy Hollow"

Wife: I know that you are perfect, but I always feel there is something missing and I just can't spot it!

Wife: Whoever I introduce you too, I never hear back from them. People don?t like company of quite people. You should be social. All you are interested is in riding your horse and showing your sword to all the people!

Wife: I hope that all this discussion is not giving you a HEADache!

Wife: You know, we all have to FACE life the way it comes!

Wife: I didn't get it even now, why are you called the "legend of sleepy hollow"

(the doorbell rings and a boy and a girl without heads come)

Wife: you both, even today you would not have eaten your lunch!

Wife: God! Am I the only person talking in this house!

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2m Comedy Skits - Headless Horseman's Wife