Girlfriend Series: Possessive Girlfriend

Girlfriend Series: Possessive Girlfriend

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Possessive Girlfriend: My cat is not feeling all right. I am so sad.

Lover: Ohh my god!! What happened?

Possessive Girlfriend: I don't know. But when I see my sick cat , I start thinking of you.

Lover: How sweet of you!!

Possessive Girlfriend: Will you come to my place. I am feeling lonely too.

Lover: Yes I am coming. Right now.

Possessive Girlfriend: No wait. You had to go with your friends right. You said you want your "Guys time" and this is one game that you WANT to see with your FRIENDS!!

Lover: No , I can't leave you in this state and go.

Possessive Girlfriend: PROMISE , you will come.

Lover: Promise. I already texted my friends that I am not coming as you are in some kind of problem.

Possessive Girlfriend: Great my superhero , come over we will watch some romantic film.

Lover: Ok! I want to ask one thing though. Apologize as I am so deeply in love with you that I never notice anything else. I never saw a cat in the house.

Possessive Girlfriend: Meow!! Meow!!

Lover: What?

Possessive Girlfriend: I am the CAT.

Lover: What? Come on!!

Possessive Girlfriend: So if a cat is lonely you would come but if I am lonely you will not come.

Lover: I didn't mean that. I was coming because you were feeling sad.

Possessive Girlfriend: Yes so I am feeling sad. Does it matter whether the cat is real or imaginary then?

Lover: No.

Possessive Girlfriend: Then why dont you come over.

Lover: But this is not right, I told you I need to go with my friends, this one day.

Possessive Girlfriend: Did I stop you? I requested you , you promised me and now look who is breaking the promise.

Lover: Well.

Possessive Girlfriend: Who IS breaking the promise?

Lover: Me!!

Possessive Girlfriend: Then you are asking on top of that why am I sad? I am hanging out with a boy who breaks his promise in a second over a cat.

Lover: But there is no cat. It is imaginary.

Possessive Girlfriend: Precisely he is DELUSIONAL too. Breaking his promise over an IMAGINARY cat.

Lover: You first talked about the cat.

Possessive Girlfriend: Yes so what? Now you are going to stop me from speaking my mind. I too have  fantasies.

Lover: No I didn't mean that.

Possessive Girlfriend: If you don't come here in next half an hour I will call all your friends and expose your lie.

Lover: No. Why would you do that?

Possessive Girlfriend: You know when I am angry I just DO things which have no rational explanation when I do them but upon reflection make profound sense.

Lover: Yes

Possessive Girlfriend: And I told you that when we first met.

Lover: Yes!!

Possessive Girlfriend:And you said that you find that sexy!!

Lover: Yes.

Possessive Girlfriend: So why are you now asking me a reason for what I do?

Lover: No I am not asking a reason. Look I am always with you , I just want to go with my friends.

Possessive Girlfriend: And I am not stopping you.

Lover: Thanks.

Possessive Girlfriend: It's just situations like this is the time when I wish you show me how much you care for me. You fall short of my expectation at this crucial moments. You do it with me I will bear it but if you do it in your life ,it will harm you. Am I right?

Lover: As always. I am coming.

Possessive Girlfriend: Great!! get the pizza too.I ordered MY favorite pizza and keep some cash to pay for it!!

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Submitted by emilycheevs15 on Sun, 12/15/2013 - 09:58
Hi. It's me...again. This is another script I would like to use for my school's reader's theater program. If I would be able to use this it would be greatly appreciated once again.
Submitted by bkuniverse on Mon, 12/16/2013 - 10:17
@Emily C You can use any of my scripts. Thanks.

4m Comedy Skits - Girlfriend Series: Possessive Girlfriend