Funny thing about drugs

Funny thing about drugs

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1. You don't want to do that acid, cause you'll just be staring down all night wondering who spilled floor all over the place, you don't wanna do heroine, then you just nod out while standing straight up weaving back and forth but never fall, go figure, must be so fucked up that there body has forgot how even gravity works! Weed, forget about it, someone asks a question and you have to give them a 10 minute rain check to get back to them with a answer( makes you feel slower than Moses thru the desert) then you got that damn cocaine, might as well shove some sandpaper up your nostrils, bang you head against the wall till you get to thinking oddly, then take a hundred dollar bill and flush it down the toilet.. guaranteed you feel the same in the morning. And lord that Crystal meth, that shit will have you running around a round room looking for a corner to set in. Constructive yes, you can vacuum the floor, put in a ceiling fan & Cook dinner all at the same time, all the time peeping out the window for the shadow men that keep coming at night!

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