Father and Son Series: Miser

Father and Son Series: Miser

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Son: I have come to see you father!

Miser Father: You could have called! Gas prices have increased like anything.

Son: Dad, the doctor told me that your condition is serious.

Miser Father: Yes, if I die make sure that you don't spend on my funeral.  Scrutinize the hospital bill properly ..

Son: I am going to miss you!

Miser Father: My watch is missing!  I don't trust the nurse, son. Someone needs to watch the nurse.

Son: OK, I will find report to the hospital.

Miser Father: How much is the hospital going to charge us?

Son: The insurance is going to take care of everything.

Miser Father: The food is free too!

Son: Yes!

Miser Father:  Shit! The nurse was offering extra soup, I thought, they will charge me so I refused!

Son: How are feeling?

Miser Father: I am feeling lonely son, I have not talked to the financial advisor since I am here.

Son: I love you Dad!

Miser Father: I know that you love me, you don't have bring fruits to show that. How much did they cost you?

Son: Nothing.

Miser Father: So you picked them up from the tree!

Son: No!

Miser Father: Don't lie to me, then.

Son: DAD, the doctor has told me that you have only few days to live.

Miser Father: Son, with the rising inflation I don't want to live longer too.

Son: I will miss you Dad.

Miser Father: Son I will miss you too! You spend a lot of money, when I am gone there would be no one

to remind you.

Son: Can we talk about anything other than money?

Miser Father: You require money to buy every other thing son!

Son: Money can't buy love.

Miser Father: The nurse is taking care of me because she is paid. So yes, it can buy love.

Son: So Mom married you because of love or money.

Miser Father: Our marriage was an expensive one. You need money for the food, the church..

Son: I think you take rest now!

Miser Father: Where is my watch son? I can't rest, knowing that someone has stolen my watch. Just find it, don't waste time sitting idle.


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2m Comedy Skits - Father and Son Series: Miser