Father and Son Series: Looser

Father and Son Series: Looser

(4m)   by ballekumar

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Child: Daddy! What is the shape of earth?

Daddy: Round.

Child: Ohh! Like you. How do you know it is round?

Daddy: You will learn in school. What is the hurry?


Daddy: What did you say? How did you get that word? In the school ..

Child: Mom said YOU ARE A LOOSER

Daddy: What?

Child: What is a looser Daddy?

Daddy: A looser is a person who is not good at .. What? Mom called me a looser.

Child: Yes

Daddy: When?

Child: I won't say.

Daddy: I will give you a chocolate.

Child: First give me a chocolate LOOSER.

Daddy: Here it is.(Gives the chocolate) Now tell me , my dear son everything that your Mom said.

Child: She told you can't PUCK POPERLY.

Daddy: What? I can't f**k properly.

Child: No. She said 'PUCK POPERLY'.

Daddy: Don't tell anyone. Here is another chocolate.

Child: Give me two chocolates?

Daddy: Why? You want to go to DENTIST MONSTER. One is enough. Go away!!

Child: No. I will give one to Uncle Steve, so that he also won't tell anyone.

Daddy: What? Uncle Steve also knows.

Child: Yes. She was telling Uncle Steve.

Daddy: What else did they say?

Child: I don't know , they were talking in the bathroom and I was outside.

Daddy: Good you got my sharp ears.


Daddy: What?

Child: Mom was shouting inside the bathroom. She was very angry I think.

Daddy: I will kill that b**h.

Child: Why LOOSER? She was angry on Uncle Steve.

Daddy: Stop calling me looser. What else did they do?

Child: Uncle Steve gave me an ice cream and Mom took me out to play. She said don't tell Uncle Steve came.

Daddy: Good my son and you told me. I love you.

Child: I love you too LOOSER.

(Children are god's image. We should forgive their mistakes, shouldn't we?)

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4m Comedy Skits - Father and Son Series: Looser