Father and Son Series: Career

Father and Son Series: Career

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Father: Son, that was a nice speech you gave in the school.

Son: Thank you.

Father: You have good oratory skills. You can move and inspire the audience.

Son: Yes. My teacher told me that.

Father: So what have you thought about your career plans.

Son: I want to become an engineer.

Father: Wow. Now may I offer you a suggestion.

Son: Yes.

Father:Why don't you try becoming a lawyer?

Son: No I don't like arguing.

Father: OK. Good to know you didn't get that one quality from your mother.

Son: I want to become an engineer. Daddy.

Father: But then you would have to go to India or China.

Son: I want to visit places.

Father: Would you want to leave your dad alone in old age.

Son: No Daddy.

Father: So STOP talking about being an engineer.

Son: Ok.

Father: What about Financial planner? Wall Street Broker? You wear glasses and have a good manners. People will trust you with their money.

Son: I am not interested in Finances, Accounts..

Father: Don't worry I will be your assistant. Together we will MANAGE people's finances.

Son: No. I don't like that. Can I become a doctor?

Father: Son by the time you start earning I will be dead. Don't you want to send your dad and mom on grand vacations?

Son: Yes, Daddy.

Father: So , doctor is ruled out.

Son: You tell me . What should I do? Business.

Father: No son, you are in a public school , so you don't have friends whose parents are venture capitalists. Remember , we should never do business with own finances.

Son: OK! But why?

Father: Would you invite your best friend to a date which you have with your girlfriend?

Son: No.

Father: Would you call him up and perhaps stay at his place if ever your girlfriend dumps you?


Father: So as you share your sadness with your friends but keep the happiness for yourself, similarly people should share your losses and you should keep all the profit. That makes you a good business man.

Son: Wow , why didn't you become a businessman?

Father: I didn't become anything because I got married son.

Son: So, what should I become?

Father: A politician. You have all the skills son.

Son: Looks good. I can help people.

Father: Yes once you are done helping your parents. Remember , son , "Charity begins at home".

Son: Ok. But my classmates don't listen to me much.

Father: Start moving out with Ryan.

Son: He is a bully.

Father: But he is nice to you.

Son: Because he needs me for the exam preparation.

Father: Exactly he has the force and you have every other thing. Till you get a partner better than Ryan, move with him.

Son: What if he doesn't leave me?

Father: I will get him expelled.Remember you want to help fellow students , so doing this is necessary and this will give you the practice to be a senator one day. 

Son: OK. Daddy , I will become a politician.

Father: Now go and play.


Father (turns to the mother): Honey , I think we can go for the house you saw and which has a huge mortgage. I think our son will pay it off.

Mother: Why do you think so?

Father: You should a take a keen interest in your child's career instead of washing dishes. It helps.

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5m Comedy Skits - Father and Son Series: Career