Crossing Under

Crossing Under

(30-60m)   by James Alex Gerard

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"Crossing Under"
- By James Alex Gerard

A comedic, one-man show parodying the psychic realm. It's a spontaneous, unrehearsed bit done with a studio audience. It also goes a long way in "showing up" those claiming to connect to the dead under such circumstances. It can be done as a roadshow. Run time is one hour.



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This is my original creation based on my own experiences. The performer does a "cold reading" with a randomly selected audience, and "effectively" connects to the spirits of their deceased relatives and loved ones. It can be easily and cheaply done. While having an insightful comedic bent, the bot also educates people about the nature of what are called "cold readings," and how it can be done.

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1st we must write the writer 2nd we will make it to church

30-60m Comedy Skits - Crossing Under