Converting a Tribal

Converting a Tribal

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A priest enters a village to preach in spite of being warned severely by his colleagues.

Father: Son, Jesus died for you!

Tribal: Who is Jesus?

Father: The son of God and Virgin Mary.

Tribal: How can his mother be virgin? His father might be , but mother no chance. Are you sure? 

Father: It is possible because he is Son of God. He died for you. 

Tribal: I didn’t ask him to die!

Father: But he did and he died for you!

Tribal: Very sad. What should I do now?

Father: Son, Become a Christian.

Tribal: Will that bring Jesus back?

Father: Son, he came back.

Tribal: Then he didn't die. Did he?

Father: I mean he died and then he resurrected

Tribal: For me again!

Father: For all of us

Tribal: Good Job! Then why did u say Jesus died?

Father: Yes he did die first.

Tribal: But then he got up right? Why didn’t u say that also in the same breath? You made me feel guilty.

Father: Ok I made a mistake. Sorry.

Tribal:  I forgive you. So was he in coma?

Father: No my son he died on a good Friday.

Tribal: Why is that so good? Did u know on that Friday that he is not dead and also that he will come back.

Father:  No.

Tribal: Why is that good then?

Father: Good , means holy

Tribal: Then why not "Holy Friday"

Father: That is what is called my son.

Tribal: Who called it so?

Father: Christians

Tribal: So you are not a Christian!

Father: No! I am a Christian too

Tribal: So you were a part of it being called "Good Friday".  Why do you call it good Friday? A man died and you think it is good.

Father: Early Christians may be thousands of years back called it good Friday so we call it too!!

Tribal: So if they called you a donkey will you refer yourself as same

Father: Yes!! I will!

Tribal: Ok donkey tells me what happened next?

Father: He resurrected as Jesus

Tribal: Why?

Father: He is son of god , he can do whatever he wants to

Tribal: Yes true, so he pretended to die and then he woke up when all are gone

Father: No! He was dead

Tribal: How did people know he was dead?

Father: people may have checked his pulse

Tribal: can show you many people in my village where the heart beat has stopped and the person is still alive. Actually singing , dancing and chopping wood with a death certificate. I have no reason to lie.  You might want to lie to make me Christian. I have no reason to lie.

Father: Ok. Let us assume he died

Tribal: Ok. I assume that people thought he died.

Father: No, please! I am guest in your village , please treat me nicely and assume that he died

Tribal: Ok. He died because you say so

Father: Then he resurrected

Tribal: Ok. Only because you say so.

Father: He died for you.

Tribal: No!  You said he died for all of us

Father: Ok, all of us , but I am Christian and now u have to be one

Tribal:  Ok. But why?

Father: Jesus wanted all to be Christians.

Tribal: He is alive. Am I right?

Father: Yes.

Tribal: So why are you telling me that ? Why can’t he tell me directly?

Father: He is the LORD , he has sent me to tell you.

Tribal: Did u meet him?

Father: No

Tribal: Then did he send you a letter?

Father: No.

Tribal: Then ..

Father: He came in my dream.

Tribal: So you do anything that comes in your dream. If I do what I do in dream , then my village people will be very angry

Father: Why?

Tribal: Because in my village people mind if we have sex with their wives

Father: No I mean Jesus came in my dream and I am calling to become Christian

Tribal: So tell him to come in mine

Father: No. He will come when you become Christian.

Tribal: This he told you.

Father: No, i am telling you.

Tribal: Then what did he tell you?

Father: To make u a Christian

Tribal: what will happen because of that

Father: Jesus will love u

Tribal: So now he hates me?

Father: No he loves u , he will love u more

Tribal: How much more?

Father: A lot , as much as this mountain.

Tribal: I need more

Father:Ok the whole universe

Tribal: No i dont need that much

Father: Then how much do you need?

Tribal: I dont know, more than this mountain though

Father: Enough will you become a christian or not?

Tribal: Yes sure but what will jesus give me.

Father: Church will give u 100 dollars per month

Tribal: Sure for 100 dollars i will become jesus too.

Father: No become a christian only.

Tribal: But i will become jesus for that much money, i am offering u more

Father: No but jesus is already there

Tribal: Yes but he only comes in dream and i am for real

Father: Do you want money or not?

Tribal: Till how much time will you give me money

Father: Full life.

Tribal: That is how many years?

Father: I don't know , why do you care?

Tribal: I will take a big loan and you can pay them then.

Father: Now you become Christian and we will discuss all that later.

Tribal: I want 400 dollar , I will marry and I promise I will have 2 children

Father: The Church Can't give you 400.

Tribal: Then I can't become a Christian too!

(A while later , a church official was found with a knife and blood smeared over his clothes. A dead tribal was found near him. )

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5m Comedy Skits - Converting a Tribal