Celebrity Death Chase

Celebrity Death Chase

(2.5m)   by gritt brewer

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Producer: Thanks for coming in. Big fan of your show, really looking forward to working with you.

Josh: So you watch Young Fat and Stupid

Producer: Absolutely, Its one of my favorite shows. The ski jump episode was terrific.

Josh: That was cool. My body was sore for a long time after that, but it could have been worse. If I hadn't landed on Doug, I'd still be in hospital.

Producer: How is Doug ?

Josh: His head still ain't right, which I guess is lucky for him. They made him the host of the spin off Young Fat and Stupidest. I passed the aptitude for that so I failed to get on the show.

Producer: Never mind, we have a exciting new project, which we want you to be part of.

Josh: Celebrity Death Chase. It sounds kind of neat

Producer: Its the most ambitious reality show any network has ever commissioned

Josh: Has anyone signed up yet ?

Producer: We have some good people on board. We have Larry from Sewer Inspector Confidential.

Josh: I love that show. He's the coolest sewer guy on that show. Is Wilbur going to be with him?

Producer: I'm afraid not. Fresh air is not a sewer rats favorite thing, so no Wilbur. Larry, being such a nice guy even brought me along a bottle of wine he's publicizing. Its dam good.

Josh: Sewer Grapes, that's a great name. Sorry I haven't anything for you. I don't think you need  a gastric band.

Producer: Don't worry about it. By the way, I think you're great on that commercial. You really have lost some poundage.

Josh: For a while that was a concern. If Young Fat  and  Stupid got a second series, I might have failed a fatness test.

Producer: but it makes you a prime candidate for that saggy skin show

Josh: I turned that down. They changed the format because ratings were down. they saw how popular cooking shows were, so they had  a brainwave.You had to make sausages out of the discarded excess skin and eat them. That makes you a cannonball. That ain't right.

Producer: Josh, this is showbiz, ratings are king.Sometimes you have to push the limits, that's why we want you. You ski jumped on Young Fat and Stupid with no training. It put your name up in lights. Celebrity Death Chase will immortalize you and Larry and the others.

Josh: Who will I be chasing?

Producer: No one. You will be chased

Josh: What's the deal with the death part?

Producer: That's only if you are caught

Josh: You mean I could die?

Producer: Yeah, but if you win, you'll go stratospheric 

Josh: But I could get caught

Producer: Josh listen. This is a opportunity that should not be turned down. Picture it. Stallone, Norris, Van Damme, Seagal, Schwarzenegger, all chasing you with a weapon of their choice.

Josh: I'll be working with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Producer: Yes. You will be a world wide  phenomenon

Josh: The death thing kind of bothers me.

Producer: Josh, you have a ten per cent chance of survival. If you survive, you will host series two. If you die you will be snapped up for our other new series Dead Stupid. Come on Josh, what do you say?

Josh: Where do I sign?

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this show is not far away as there seriously needs to be a cull of reality stars

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