Break In Reality

Break In Reality

(2m)   by lemonnugget99_13316

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*Person walks onto scene, a blank expression on their face.* 

"You know what I find hilarious?" 

*This person speaks to nobody it appears until the camera shakes side to side. The person remains blank faced, the only thing moving being their mouth. All of a sudden their face looks suprised as if the people watching should have known*

"Wait...You don't?"

*Camera shakes from side to side again, indicating the watcher really doesn't know. The person get's even more distressed.*

"Well what am I to do now? My whole purpose of existence was to do this! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KNOW!" 

*The yelling seems to scare the watcher as the camera starts to shake, the person realizes this and looks regretful.*

"Aw I'm sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean to yell. I just...What am I to do now?"

*The watcher sounds like they clear there throat as the camera lightly moves up and down. The watcher prepares to speak* 

"Well, you could always get a job as a pizza guy! I could really go for some pizza right now..."

*The person looks to think on it, before their eyes widen and they stare straight at the camera*


*The camera shakes again but it's less than last time, the person looks more sad than angry*

"Ok, ok I'm sorry! We can always reshoot the scene after we get some pizza, calm down!"

*The person looks up from his hands and into the camera again, he looks confused this time.*

"Reshoot? What do you mean reshoot?"

"Are ya feeling ok bud? You realize we're doing this for school right?"

*The person's eyes go wide, and they look around the place. The camera doesn't follow him perfectly as he moves too fast for the watcher's crappy camera skills*

"So you're telling me we are doing a skit right now?" 

*The camera moves up and down causing the person to hold their head, clearly mind blown.*

"What did you think was happening? Who would actually ask someone what they find funny? I don't know about you but I have never asked that!"

*The person looks up from their hand and they quirk an eyebrow staring straight into the camera again* 

"Really? Never?"

"Nope, never." 


*An award silence occurs as the person just sits there avoiding the camera with his eyes, possibly embarrassed. The watcher makes a soft click noise with their mouth, that we must guess is him opening it.*

"So...Wanna ditch school and get some pizza?"

"Yeah pizza sounds good right now actually..."

The End



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2 Person 2m Comedy Skits - Break In Reality