Bethica Brune: Not So Smart

Bethica Brune: Not So Smart

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Bethica: I hate math. Why can't it just die? Who invented this crap anyways? What moron took the time to come up with mathematical phrases? This is a sick world...

Tuesday: 3:28: Mr. Shink's Math Club

Bethica: Hey Arnold!

Arnold: Hello.

Bethica: Sit next to me!

Arnold: It's not like I have a choice.

(Mr. Shink walks in with another man)

Mr. Shink: Hello Mathletes! Welcome to another exciting year of the math club! I'm glad to see some familiar faces returning...

Arnold: Who's that man, Mr. Shink?

Mr. Shink: This, is Mr. Harvey.


Arnold: And?

Mr. Shink: And he's going to be helping us with mathematical problems.

Arnold: That's nice...

Bethica: What's the point of him being here? You don't think we're smart enough to solve our own expressions?

Mr. Shink: I believe your all very capable of solving your own equations. Mr. Harvey just wanted to be here.

Arnold: Why would anyone want to be here?

Mr. Shink: Because Math is the basic unit of life.

Arnold: Um, that's cells, which is biology...

Mr. Shink: (obviously getting irritated) Then why are you here Arnold?

Arnold: Beth forced me.

Mr. Shink: anywho...I will be assigning partners today; right now. (takes out a piece of paper) Kim R, you're with Jessica M. Caleb, you're paired with Derek Y. Eli...wait, where's Eli?

Guy: yes?

Mr. Shink: Who're you? Are you new?

Guy: No sir, but my name's Eli.

Guy2: Uh, Mr. Shink, the Eli your looking for couldn't make it today.

Mr. Shink: Oh. (to Guy) So your not in Mathletes?

Guy: No Sir

Mr. Shink: Why are you here?

Guy: I'm waiting for a friend.

Mr. Shink: Is your friend a Mathlete?

Guy: No

Mr. Shink: (pause) Get out of here!

(Guy exits)

Mr. Harvey: He doesn't loom pretty smart to be here anyways.

Bethica: Who're you to judge him?

Mr. Harvey: How dare you talk to me in that manner?

Arnold: (mimicking Mr. Harvey) How dare you talk to me in that manner?

Mr. Harvey: What's your name young girl?

Bethica: Bethica

Mr. Harvey: Ha! Quite a name. Are you smart Bethica?

Bethica: What kind of question is that?

Mr. Harvey: A question question. Tell me, can you solve this equation? (shows 24/4 + 16-7)

Bethica: Piece of cake! 15.

Mr. Shink: 'm sorry to interrupt you, Mr. Harvey, but we have a meeting-

Mr. Harvey: Think you're smart eh? Slove this equation. (he shows a cery difficult and impossible equation to solve)

Arnold: Oh! I have a better one! (shows the equation 2+2)

Bethica: 4?

Arnold: Are you sure?

Bethica: yes...

Arnold: Positive?

Bethica: Absolutely.

Arnold: Ok. (takes out a pad marked 'Math Homework') Thanks. You've helped alot, I've been stuck on that one all day.

Mr. Harvey: Are you serious? Why are you even here?

Arnold: Like I said, I was forced...


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Submitted by Kayla (not verified) on Tue, 06/05/2012 - 14:23
I think your script is very good, and funny. Do you think it possible for me to talk to my drama teacher and see if I use for my Drama class?
Submitted by AnonWriter on Sat, 06/16/2012 - 04:54
It's fine. You can use it
Submitted by Lynx (not verified) on Sat, 03/16/2013 - 21:21
I love this script ! Can I use for my English drama comrtition?
Submitted by corporate enter... (not verified) on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 18:05
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