Animal Series: Farm Animals

Animal Series: Farm Animals

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The farmer has recently married and the farm animals seem to be worried already:


Pig: The farmer's wife is a cannibal


Other Animals: Why?


Pig: She wants to eat the Sea Men.


Other Animals: We should warn the sailors.


Camel: The farmer was telling his wife that he likes my toe.


Hen: Be careful


Camel: I will kick him if he comes any where near.


Hen: I am not sure but he has his eyes on me too or my eggs.


Ass: Why?


Hen: He talks of getting laid every now and then with his wife.


Cat: He finds me juicy and wants to lick me. Yuck!!


Pig: He calls me pinky and says that he will put me in the ass's backend.


Ass: Hell No!!


Camel: The farmers wife is so lazy , the farmer is asking her to do a job and I think she is refusing because the wind doesn't blow. But she cares about the Ass as she warned the farmer to not to trouble the ass when she is sleeping.


Dog: He calls for my wife at night


Other Animals: What?


Dog: Bitch, bitch, come here. I am going to bite him next time he calls my wife. The wife told him that I go limp.


Duck: I was grazing below the window and the wife was saying DUCK ME , DUCK ME , I sat on the window, they both shooed me away.


Other Animals: Why?


Duck: They were fighting , I mean they had  really taken their clothes off and I think the wife was winning though.


Pigeon: I think there is another pigeon in the room which moans at night..


Turkey: By the sound, it looks like they have a mad horse in the bedroom. I am not sure when they are going to give us the pie with the cream on it!! But I am happy that they have plans to toss the salad instead of stuffing me for Thanksgiving


Cow: You know the wife likes Mr Dicks and not the farmer.


Ass: I bet there are at least two of them, one is short and the other is long.


Cow: And the farmer knows the short one. Boy he really gets angry when his wife talks about the shorter Mr Dicks!

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4m Comedy Skits - Animal Series: Farm Animals