An Interruption of Justice

An Interruption of Justice

(3.5m)   by iRamzilla

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The scene starts off with everyone present in the courtroom standing up looking towards the empty judges stand.

THE BAILIFF: (towards the audience) Please rise. This court in and for the state of Utah is now in session. The honorable Judge Harris will be presiding.

Enter Judge Harris. A very old judge with the classic white wig and black robe

JUDGE HARRIS: You may be seated. Defendants please rise. Joseph H. Brown as you are aware you being tried for first degree murder, what do you wish to plead?


LAWYER WALSH: Shhhh what are you doing?! (to Joseph Brown), let me do the talking. We wish to plea?(Phone rings an obnoxious rap song) Ugh? Sorry I have to take this.

THE JURY sighs; JUDGE HARRIS puts his head into his hands.

LAWYER BROWN: (Trying to muffle his voice) Hello? I?m in the middle of court right now mom! Yes I remembered to put the cream on those warts I?m 38 for god sake!! Mom stop it, I have to go! (Hangs up his phone. Looks to the JUDGE HARRIS sincere). Sorry? you know moms? one minute they are there to pack your lunch and the next you have to pay their nursing home bills.

JUDGE HARRIS: I am 69 years old Mr. Brown! My mother is dead?.

LAWYER WALSH: (Looks down obviously seeing he?d made a mistake)

JUDGE HARRIS: (Points to LAWYER WALSH with his gavel). Another interruption like that sir and you will be held in contempt.

LAWYER WALSH: Sorry Sir? Won?t happen again. We would like to plead not guilty to the accus- (Beeper starts to beep and can?t shut it off. Tries everything and stomps on it to turn it off)

LAWYER JOHNSON: (to JUDGE HARRIS in annoyance) Again? Sir this is unacceptable!

JUDGE HARRIS: I warned you Walsh if it happened again you would be held in cont-

Enter SECRETARY. JOSEPH BROWN looks around and sees no one is looking and slowly tip toes out the courtroom in handcuffs. Some of THE JURY has started to slouch and fall asleep.

SECRETARY: Judge Harris you have an urgent call from your wife.

JUDGE HARRIS: One moment. (In a sweet puppy voice) Hi my cupcake full of glittery sunshine! This is kind of a bad time what do you need? Yes I will pick up the Depends ? after work? I can?t talk about this now! Call you later pumpkin. (Hangs up phone and notices something is different) Now back to business?wait a second? Where is he? WHERE'S OUR MURDERER?!?


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America's justice system at it's best.

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3.5m Comedy Skits - An Interruption of Justice