A Typical Spartan Meeting

A Typical Spartan Meeting

(3m)   by Credos

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An annonymus meeting..
Leonidas:Gentlemen,Ladies,boys,Girl & Billy
Billy:i'm Billy...
Leonidas:We are gathered here today to talk about this Un-precidented outbreak,in this un-precidented town affecting our un-precidented people
Table of un-precidented people:THATS US!!!(while smiling)
council man Steve harvey:So.....it's un-precidented??
Leonidas:NO!!!i'm saying it's dangerous!
council man one eye:but sir i can't see your point
Leonidas:Thats because you have 1 eye....arrrgghhh Gentlemen...& Billy....we must take our step in the great circle of stuff!!
Annonymus swordsman:You mean life?
Leonidas:NO!!!we're standing in a circle...with stuff in it,lets take our place in it by taking great dumps in it!
Everyone else:*looking at each other awkwardly*...uhmmmm oookkayyy
Council i'm going to be kicked in a pit:But sir don't you think we should create a battle plan?
leonidas:Are you questioning my unprecidented orders?
Council i'm going to be kicked in a pit:No sir....but it sounds like madness....no offence
Leonidas:Madness?????? *Shouting*THIS IS SPPARRTTAAAAA!!
*kicks Council i'm going to be kicked in a pit..In the giant pit which wasn't there in the 1st place*
Council i'm going to be kicked in a pit:Aaaaahhh i'm faaallinng!!!*speaks fast*which is awkward considering my name is"Council i'm going to be kicked in a pit"
Billy:Woow Council i'm going to be kicked in a pit was kicked in the Pit!

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3m Comedy Skits - A Typical Spartan Meeting