A Tale Of Marriage And Friendzoning

A Tale Of Marriage And Friendzoning

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They met frolicking at a party. Got along like white on rice. It was meant to be. They became best friends. They were married soon and hoped to live happily ever after?.except:

Martin: Hey baby, I?m home. What a crazy day..I swear I could have farted on Nick?s face today after that meeting. He?s such a dick at times. Actually no, he?s a pussy. A pink, soft, moist?

Jen: Ummm?that?s disturbing baby. But, I?m afraid we need to talk.˜

Martin: Oh no, what is it about? Did I do something wrong again? OH NO, did you find my stash? I am SO SORRY! I knew ?Anal Explorers 4? was a terrible idea, and I swear I?.

Jen: NO! It?s not that, and that?s disgusting! I need to tell you something, but I don?t know how. I ? I? I think we need to take a break. I can?t let myself go through with this. It?s taken a while for me to understand this, but baby.. we are just really good friends, and not lovers.˜

Martin: I don?t follow. Are you saying we should experiment with role playing? I am totally ope?

Jen: NO! I am saying, we need to reassess our marriage. I think we misunderstood our friendship for love, sweety. And I don?t think either of us are happy in this marriage.˜

Martin: Ah, I get it. I.. I know, and I have been meaning to tell you too?

Jen:˜Oh you do? awww.. baby?

Martin:˜?. that we need to take a step further. We can?t just be having sex in the bedroom; I agree we need to explore the spaces in our house a lot more?Kitchen has always been my?.

Jen:˜Baby, stop. I don?t think you?re getting it. Let me break it down to you: We need to move on and start seeing other people!˜

Martin:˜What?? I knew you were cheeky, but..O.M.G! You naughty girl - you want to bring other people in on our party? WOW. I never thought I?d have this day with you. SURE, let?s see which other people we can?.

Jen:˜UGH! Why is this so hard for you to understand? WE ARE NOT WORKING OUT MARTIN. I AM GOING TO LEAVE YOU.˜

Martin: ?ok, but when are you coming back? I?ll have everything set up by then.˜

Jen: This is crazy. Goodbye Martin.˜

Martin: You?re leaving already? Ok let me quickly shower in that case. Hey, if you?re feeling a little extra naughty, make sure to stop at the pharmacy and pick up the cherry flavored lube?the one by DUREX; heard its yummy. See you when you?re back; MARTIN BEAR CAN?T WAIT FOR JENNY BEAR!

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