6 Dads, 5 Kids

6 Dads, 5 Kids

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Fool 1: Man, my sister's 3rd ex-husband is giving her trouble! I told her not to get married so many times!

Fool 2: That's nothing! My grandma's sorting things out with her 4th husband!

Fool 1: How many kids does she have?

Fool 2: 5!

Fool 1: Dang! My sister only has 2.

Fool 2: That's hardly anything.

Fool 1: Although... my cousin also has 5 kids, but with 6 men.

High School Grad: What are you guys talking about?

Fool 2: My grandma has 5 kids with 4 men.

Fool 1: But my cousin has 5 kids with 6 men.

High School Grad: Wait... did you just say she has 5 kids with 6 men?

Fool 1: Yeah.

High School Grad: I'm sorry, 6?!

Fool 2: She said yes. What's the problem?

High School Grad: You do realize that's not possible, right?

Fool 1: No, it's not! I've seen it for myself.

High School Grad: Okay, but a kid can't have more than 1 dad.

Fool 2: Why not?

High School Grad: Why not?! Do I really need to give you guys a biology lesson?

Fool 1: I don't see why it's not possible. I mean, you can have 6 kids with 5 men, so why not the other way around?

High School Grad: Oh. My. God. You can't be real. Okay. Let me see how to explain this. Do you two at least know how reproduction works? I mean,  how sperm fertilize eggs?

Fool 2: Nope.

Fool 1: Negative.

High School Grad: Seriously? How old are you guys?

Fool 2: 34.

Fool 1: 33. Why?

High School Grad: You... I... how... God! Fine. Let me explain. When a sperm meets an egg, it gets fertilized...

Fool 1: The sperm?

High School Grad: The egg, you knucklehead! The egg. The sperm fertilizes the egg. Got that?

Fool 2: Yeah.

High School Grad: Notice I said "cell," not "cells." Only one single sperm cell can fertilize the egg.

Fool 1: And why does that matter?

High School Grad: If you have 1 sperm cell, it can only come from 1 individual man. 1 cell can't come from 2 men. 1 man makes 1 cell. Makes sense?

Fool 1: I guess so.

High School Grad: Good! I've just doubled your collective IQ.

Fool 2: Wait, hear me out. So the sperm-to-egg ratio has to be 1:1 or more, right?

High School Grad: Yeah, I guess so.

Fool 2: So, theoretically, you could use half a sperm cell to make a baby?

High School Grad: What are you talking about?

Fool 2: The ratio of sperm to egg is 1:2. That works, doesn't it?

High School Grad: But... that's not a whole number of sperm cells!

Fool 1: So? That sperm cell could fertilize the egg and create a baby.

High School Grad: Maybe... if you want to put it like that.

Fool 2: If that works, you could create half a baby from half a sperm cell!

High School Grad: How can you have half a baby?!

Fool 1: 1 sperm makes 1 egg, so the ratio in the previous case would mean that the half egg split apart to create a whole egg. If the egg doesn't split, you just have half a baby. Isn't that right?

High School Grad: But... how... you know what?! This is too much for me! I haven't made you smarter, I've just become dumber! Forget it! You're both too stupid to be true! *storms out*

Fool 1 and 2: But you haven't answered our question! Can half a sperm make half a baby or not?

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