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Do you know that popular view that the way people act may be due to bad parenting? I think it might be true, I was sceptical at first but a conversation with my sister made me think again. Kids in general are annoying throughout their whole life but if your 2yrs old and you have smashed the jam jar, the moment your dad looks at your sticky face and innocent eyes he is likely to say ?aww? and tousle your hair. But when you?re 15yrs old and your whole body is growing in different proportions, you?re riddled with acne and you?re loudmouthed your parents don?t have much motivation to love you and say things they later regret. When I was younger I remember my Dad got angry with my sister for taking so long in the bathroom, he finally cracked and shouted ?what?s taking you so long your ugly any way,? which eventually backfired because the next day he told her to go get some milk and she made the bathroom her place of residence. Only at the old age (only old in my case, otherwise just age) of 31 did my sister tell me how sad she was when my dad said this, thinking of how long it stuck in her mind makes me think that maybe the things people especially our parents say to us stick with us and may affect our actions in the future.

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my little observations please read advise, criticise and enjoy.

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haaahhhahahaha.... not funny lollll

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