Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Another giant leap for Mankind

Shaving, the New Wave.

I don't mean the face, legs and arm pits. I mean just about everywhere else.

I've had just about every part of me, waxed, shaved or lasered for hair removal.

My wife got 'THE LANDING STRIP'.

I like that name.

Now every time we're getting into bed, I grab a couple of flashlights and act out like I'm Ground Control.

Still, the reactions to hair removal are very different for men and women.

Like my wife getting that landing strip

when the topic came up at a party with some friends;

the girls demanded to see it.

So they drag her off up the stairs to the bedroom, all giggling to get a peek.

That's one of those cool things I like about women that you'll never see happening between guys....

Imagine Joe and Dave:

Joe: ?You did what??

Dave: ?Laser hair removal?

Joe: ?Everywhere but the legs and arms??

Dave: ?Yeah?

Joe: Go onnnnn! Really? Come on, get out in the garage. I gotta see this?

I just don't see guys doing that.

I'm sure they peek when you're changing in the locker room. *guy looking sideways to get a peek*

They just don't say *squatting down to eye level of the scrotum*

?wow that scrotum looks smooth. You do that yourself, or did you get that lasered??

Not gonna happen.

This is still too new for us to be talking about it.

But laying, naked in that Laser clinic, with no more secrets to hide.........

Having my floppy bits handled by a women other than my wife, as she ZAPED my little hairs away for good? ....

That's uncharted territory.

It questions our masculinity

Even coming out of the Laser clinic felt wierd.

I felt like I was stepping out of the Ladies washroom and everyones looking

Wondering what I'm doing in there. I feel like I need to explain

Guys are going in there now. I was supposed to be in there!

One of the highlights of the experience was when I got home;

My wife, immediately rushes me off to the bedroom and has me strip down so she can see what it looks like.

I felt as if I was In the Club.

Like when her girlfriends rushed her off for a look at the landing strip.

I even started fantasizing us being at a party someday those girls rushing me off to..........

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