I Shook Up The World

I Shook Up The World

(Unknown)   by spgmclean

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Commercial for Lotto
I Shook Up the World:

Opening scene:
Act one/Scene one
Main character is in the boxing ring surrounded by his entourage after just beating Sonny Liston in the first fight.
Main character is screaming, ?I shook up the world, I shook up the world?..I?m a bad man, I shook up the world!
Main character is saying this over and over!
There is pandemonium in the ring. Someone is slinging water; someone is lifting the main character up. There are people all over the ring!
Fade out.
Scene two
Main character is at his desk in a shirt and tie in the office.
A stack of paper work is thrown on his desk.
Second character (supervisor) says here is more work for you, ?If you didn?t day dream so much you would get out of here on time. You just waste your time every day daydreaming?.
Co-workers are standing around outside the main character?s office. One of the employees says,? He thinks he is Muhammad Ali and he just beat Sonny Liston for the championship?. Everyone starts laughing like crazy.
Main character:
Thinks to himself, I need to play more lotto. At the same time the main character looks in the camera with angry look, after being laughed at and being told by his supervisor to stop day dreaming so much, ?I need to play more lotto?

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Submitted by Roger (not verified) on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 20:55
That was awful. The thought of death is funnier than that.

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