Heroes and Villans: The Fit

Heroes and Villans: The Fit

(1.5m)   by tinkhsn

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Scenario: Victoria, the witch has put herself in the body of Helgafare Jameston. The mini scene "The fit" includes her horrific tantrum and "unintentional" humor.


(Helgafare falls to the floor, awakens shaking)


Victoria:      Wh-What did I do? (Screams) my voice! Ohh.. (Sees mirror, looks and reflection, and faints.. wakes up with the twitch of the nose) I’m in Helgafare’s body! This is dreadful! No! this is a disaster! No! This is the apocalypse! How could this happen I did the spell perfectly! If I die today because of my fear of ugliness! -sobs- (In a sing songy tone)


Its okay Victoria,

You are beautiful,

You are Perfect,

You are lovely,

Every one li-


(Halts to look at hands and breaks down crying)

I’m going to hurl. Oh my god! I’ve never said that in my entire life! My entire life I’ve never hurled and I won’t star- a basket I need a- (throws up in trash can…does a double take) –sobs- If it had been Mandy I would have gotten long hair, it’s no blond but I could settle, If it had been Brittany I would have gotten a wardrobe worth dying for, but no it has to be Helga- Helg- Helgafare! (Looks down at mirror) Get away from me… no no I’m not her I’m just in her body for a bit… that’s right I- wait if I’m in her body… does that mean that.. she’s in mine?! (Screams in horror) –sobs- today will be the death of me.Oh-




                                                             -end of scene-

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This is from a short series I may write!

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Submitted by ConverseChild (not verified) on Fri, 08/16/2013 - 17:17
I think I might use this one to audition for "You Can't Take It With You". Great peice, by the way!

1.5m Comedy Monologues - Heroes and Villans: The Fit