Foreign Policy In a Nut shell

Foreign Policy In a Nut shell

(1m)   by ballekumar

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Foreign Policy:

Euro and China
In the frying pan

South Asia, Korea and Japan
Is the Trash Can

Blow the Arabs up
And England will always suck up

South America will take it laying down
And Canada will think it wears the crown

Iraq for oil
In Central Asia for bases we toil

Russia be tumbled
Iran will be humbled

Africa is always in my hand
And is as docile as Australia and New Zealand

Our policy is always right
If you oppose we fight

If we are good
You look good
And we make you invest in Coke , Weapons 
and Hollywood

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Submitted by Bradon (not verified) on Sat, 07/18/2015 - 02:42
i like this monologue alot please may i use it for this compo that im doing?

1m Comedy Monologues - Foreign Policy In a Nut shell