Flaunt What You've Got

Flaunt What You've Got

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Hello, as you may know I am mentally ill, or what society likes to call "consumer survivors." that may seem like a strange term but it makes perfect sense to me. you have no idea how much drugs and alcohol I've had to consume in order to survive.

I don't know about you but I've tried more than I have not. I really only started getting into drugs after university when I began the mental health and addiction worker program in college. Oh the irony.

I'll admit I like drugs-but that's not why I am here. I would like to stress the importance of flaunting what you've got-even if that is a mental illness.

I'm not saying that what I have done is right...only that it was my attempt to use my assets to seek revenge on those who hate while getting my way.

the first example entails pretending I was in the mental hospital to avoid returning a library book and not paying overdue charges. I said I couldn't pay because I was in the looney bin. when asked for proof I started crying and told the librarian that I had ADHD and had lost the documentation....sizzle.

A second example happened at a walk-in-clinic where I faked an agoraphobic attack to be seen faster. Now I should mention that I do have agoraphobia but was fine on that day in particular. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes flat. I know that my behavior may seem repulsive but I feel entitled to go along with the stereotypes people have. if people are going to fuck with me watch out I'm passive aggressive.

A lot of people think that if you're mentally ill you must be dangerous; from my experience, nothing is further from the truth. I'm so passive aggressive I will be so sly that you will not even know you have been got. The worst thing I ever did was eat my roomates cheese for pissing me off. Imagine the message "don't fuck with me or I'll eat your cheese.

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here I disclose how I have used my mental illnesses to avoid getting in trouble and getting my way. Not all negative.

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