Fine Day Of Mine Watching Little Einsteins

Fine Day Of Mine Watching Little Einsteins

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Little note i just wrote this in like 5 minutes because im new to this website and i just wanted to. this isn't that great but it can be VERY funny when you portray it in a way of rage. when theres capitol letters almost yell and havea mad face because your are a little mad at these things going on in your life. your not completely mad, your a little crazy. so mostly mad with some crazy. and most of the time your talking to the audience.




What? Oh Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. he he.(looks at audience)

I just got told by a 4 year old. but that is the least of my problems.

lets see what happened today. i woke up late for school and now im on some attendence contract... HEY it's not my fault my boyfriend likes late night quickies! and im talking about phone talks, he calls me every 10 minutes at night for only 2 minutes, Im getting tired of it but he is a cheerleader and that definitely gives me cool credits in school, i know it seems weirdbut i live in California, EVERYTHING THATS CRAZY is actually very normal for example, botox ladies who look like Human Barbie dolls on steriods and a bad spray tan, actually women and MEN with spray tans, i dont get it. why do you get a spray tan in one of the most sunny places in america? . lets see what else about my day happened, oh i know. my best friend slapped me repeatedly with a dead frog, he told me it was a super duper dog dare and said he could not not do it, so i officially hate him. and to top it all off im trying to do my 5 page research paper for first period tomorrow while my little sister will not TURN OFF THE DAMN LITTLE EINSTEINS or DORA. listen little mexican girl I KNOW HOW TO SAY HELLO, GOODBYE, AND IF I EVER HAVE TO, SO HELP ME GOD IF I DO, KNOW HOW TO SING CHOCOLATE IN SPANISH! Its not that hard, AND ANOTHER THING! STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF CUZ MY SISTER NEVER ANSWERS AND IM SURE AS HELL AINT GONNA DO IT "Wheres the orange square?" ITS RIGHT THERE!! SO STOP STALLING, I CAN SEE, IM GOING CRAZY FROM YOU AND IM A LITTLE SOCIALLY DEPRIVED BUT IM NOT BLINDEDED! JUST GO CATCH YOUR DAMN STARS AND GET PREGNANT ALREADY SO YOU CAN GO OFF THE AIR. Although, your cousin Diego is kinda HOT! can i get his number?... come on girl help me out! Oh my god im talking to a cartoon,(looks at audience) well you know my life, you understand.(looks at audience member) ooo, but you know you look kind of cute, ooo and your REAL! girl, guy who cares, listen im trying to become a star like Ke$ha or Lady Gaga its all the rage to be Bi... For women. guys good luck haha. (looks down) Ugh! anyway i have to go do this paper of mine so umm. leave. bye. seeya. and a little something for Dora shi shi... what? oh chinese japanese dirty knees look at these(lifts up shirt) theyre all the same.

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2m Comedy Monologues - Fine Day Of Mine Watching Little Einsteins