Conundrum in Trigonometry

Conundrum in Trigonometry

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Trigonometry is only useful˜the moment you need it... which is almost never... you don't compute the tangent of the shadow of the post while walking ...

?The angle of the post to the ground is 88, it's 11 o?clock so the sun is 35 degrees tilted, therefore the angle of the shadow and the post is around 110 degrees ??

What is that? We rarely do it , in real life!

We even failed to notice the shadow of the post entirely..˜

I really think˜that trigo exam back then is pointless...˜

Back then I˜want to ask my math professor , have you ever do it sir? did you in reality compute the angle of shadow & the post...˜

Well i'll be happy˜if he answers,˜

"look young man, you're standing 90 degrees from the ground and we're 3 meters apart. and the shadow from the wall and that sun creates a 45 degrees.."˜

at least i'll be informed that it has practical use..

But I never got a chance.

I remember his favorite student really cried when we heard the news that we'll never see him again. I don't know why, did somebody set his opacity and alpha value to 0.˜Or did˜he move to another dimension.

That is a mystery, I cannot even solve with trigo.

I hope his favorite student does,˜but I believed she?ll fail too, she perfected all our trigo exam but˜it really puzzled me˜how can she missed to fix the angle of her tie and put˜her glasses properly how can she not compute that, i mean she?s a computing machine.

Well it only proves that trigo doesn?t really have a practical use. It cannot even fix the way look.

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1.5m Comedy Monologues - Conundrum in Trigonometry