Chin up Chavs.

Chin up Chavs.

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The Chavs faces turned to horror as they just realized he was not in their hands anymore and their blank faces asked the question, where the hell did he go?

Realising the possibility of their feat like scurrying mice they all made a massive run for cover except for a few who froze and the fear and disbelief in their eyes met reality as Jupe came crashing down landing on four of them.

There was an almighty bang and the screams resembled the yelps which a small dog would have made after being crushed by a large yellow skip. The Chavs weigh a mere 9 stone each and Jupe was a 28 stone muscle bound rockweiller scarer and huge.

Crash, flop and crush! He landed right on them, and what a splat, it reminded me of an American wrestling move, where they jump of the top rope flying through the air and landing on the top abdominal part of their opponents body, but in this case, backwards.

I could have sworn I heard the sound of crushing ribs!

?Ahhhhh, get him off us? they cried in desperation.

The whole thing was surreal, It was a picture; I can only describe it as a whale being sucked up from the sea by powerful clouds and expelled down on to unsuspecting sunbathers on a packed sandy beach in Majorca!

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1m Comedy Monologues - Chin up Chavs.